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Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by nightrod2012, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Ok I'm a new rider in the Harley family and i may have gotten a little over my head buyin a vrod for my first bike. I took a turn a little too quick and layed her down. Luckily me and the bike walked away only with scratches. I picked the bike back up and drove her back home with no problems after I looked to make sure the bike was fine. The next day I went to go ride again and I couldn't start the bike and the gear lever was completely bent so I couldn't change gears. ( why or how this happened after I drove home is beyond me ) Do you think it's a battery problem ? Or it won't start because the gear lever is bent ? How long do I charge the night rod for if its a battery problem ? And if it's a gear lever problem do I just buy a new lever and install it myself ? or do I take it to the local dealership ? and also there shouldn't be any engine problems right ?

    Can someone help me ? Thanks
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    i would get the bike to the Dealer - after you have done the following - checked for codes - press and hold the button under the speedo and turn on the bike.
    you can if your careful bend the gear shifter back into place or enough to allow you to shift gears - check to see if it has bent the shift rod underneath and its causing issue with the magnetic sidestand switch - this will not allow the bike to start as it thinks the sidestand is still down, try pulling in the clutch and seeing if it starts, i douby very much its the battery

    do you have any pics of the damage?
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    First of all, I'm glad you're OK and the bike wasn't hurt any worse.

    We'll need some more specific info to help you out. When you say the bike won't start - does it turn over at all? Do the lights and other electrical accessories work with the ignition turned on? Are you absolutely sure the run/stop switch is in the run position? Don't laugh - it's happened many times!

    Let's start with these questions and take it from there.