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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by mikehdwg, Apr 4, 2010.

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    I have a 2000 wideglide and being a newb when i went to change the oil i drained the tranny fluid i had 3 qt of hd syn3 20 50 so i filled the tranny with a lil over 3/4 qt of the syn3 went to local parts store bought a qt of mobile 1 v twin 20 50 and put that and 2 qts of hd syn3 in so is the syn3 ok for the tranny? will it be problem that i mixed the mobile1 and syn3?
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    you can run syth 3 in tranny but its not the best option and ya shouldnt have mixed .. it will probley be ok .. and why use syth 3 mobile 1 is so much better
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    Syn 3 leaves a lot to be desired in the trans. Spectro is a much better oil designed for the trans.
    As far as the mixing, all that does is degrade the quality of the Mobil 1 which is a full synthetic unlike the Syn 3 but you should be OK till the next change.

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    thanx guys i thought the syn3 was full synthetic? but i guess i will be ok till the next change and i will go with all mobile 1 for engine and spectro for the tranny but i should be good for a couple thousand miles live n learn just getting ready to take a poker run dont want any problems

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    Mixing the oils by itself is no real problem...but as others have said, there are better choices. The 3 different holes were made for different fluids based on conditions and needs. Add to that modern oils are generally made for specific applications, the HD V-Twin is unique being air and oil cooled, the single exception being the V-Rod family. Look in the polls for best results and don't mix them in the future...100% SYN in Engine (Mobil I V-Twin for example ), Gear Lube in the Tranny (5 or 6 speed Spectrol for example), General Purpose/Dino based MA rated motor oil (no friction modifiers) in the Primary (HD Formula Plus for example) that is safe for oil whetted clutches. Look in the polls section to be help you decide.