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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bubba1213, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. bubba1213

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    Ok I am wanting to buy my first harley I have narrowed it down to a 2010 roadking or a 2011 ECU limited

    I found a 2010 black roadking with the hard bags with 500 miles on it they asking $16,900 or a 2011 ECU black limited brand new for $24,000

    I have never owend a harley all of the driving I will be doing will be mostly around town maybe a weekend trips would a road king be good enough for that or should I just go for it and get the limited I was thinking about a ecu classic choices choices
  2. Admiral Nelson

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    Dude only you can decide how much to spend on the bike, which bike to buy. What suits you may not suit me. Good luck and choose wisely.
  3. Bodeen

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  4. Chopper

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    Take them both for a ride, I think you'll answer your own question. Since you posted to get input my choice would be the roadking hands down, but different strokes for different folks.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Roadking is a very good road trip bike with out all the extra goodies, I would ride them both @ your dealer then decide JMO:D
  6. johnkarlfl

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    I plan on doing long rides so that is why I went with the Ultra, for more comfort.
  7. Redfish-Joe

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    As Jack said both will do what you want to do, just slightly different platforms. I have seen many people go from sportster, to dyna / softail and then up to full touring package. Do you ride solo or two up? The passenger would really like the tour pack as a back rest on the ultra. How about tunes? MP3 player with headphones OK with you or music thru a dash mounted stereo? That is a decision that only you can make. Ride both. If you have a wife/girlfriend that will ride with you, get her involved. Cause, If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy.:D
  8. murf

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    Although I have yet to own a "touring bike" I would choose the RK for $8 grand less. You can add the touring stuff if you choose later and you will have the extra cash to do so. One of my main reasons would be the fork mounted fairing that will make steering heavier than the RK's w/shield. The w/shield on my FXR does the job quite well. Still, it's a important decision so ride 'em both and takes your chances. Good luck and happy riding.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Being TOWN miles mostly like you stated. The FLHR Road King to many watching here would agree the Best choice... If you Want the first Harley to be a BIG as it Gets, and want to Wheel all the stuff with you AROUND TOWN, then spend the 8 grand more and go for it.

    My choice is the RK,(.) IT does Strip down (shield off) Looks like a true Motorcycle and Rides like one.. Yes RK is big and BAD!

    I get people who say (always say) "what a BEAUTIFUL Bike!"

    It is fire blue pearl/putter pearl .... Just the stock way it came NO noticeable modifications, and people GO Nuts over It's Looks..

    The 4 Point docking system allows for a Big "back-rest" for the wife and a luggage rack.. My wife REFUSES to ride on a Throne Like the other BIGGER BAGGER bikes do.

    The LOOKS Clean and Neat when on the road and easy to remove eXtras making the RK, the KING.

  10. Dr.Evil

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    The RK will be $16.9 + tax out the door. The new ultra could be 25 or even 26K by the time the paperwork is done. And check the RK for mods like a stage 1, or highway pegs, which would be even more on the new bike.