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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by herringdan, Jul 17, 2015.

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    i have 2002 super glide i changed the compensator unit and now after it gets hot i have a clicking sound, i bought a scope and the plate where you adjust clutch sounds coming from there like a scraping sound, it don't matter if clutch is in or out only when hot, i use 20 50 Harley primary oil, and i have checked everything but its still there, and also if you post a problem on your bike if you fix it how about please come back and tell us what you did to fix it and don't let us hanging wondering what was the fix just saying, so i bought this bike this year 2015 it has new cams and it runs like a beast but even when hot the motor don't change power just starts that clicking like lefter s vales noise i don't know i having hard time trying to fix my beauty thanks for letting me on your site, i have checked pipes and all bolts help if you can i am at a stand still thanks dan
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    :wbs From the Rocky Mountains. A little more info on any other mods would be helpful.
    What cams, any upper end work, what oil are you using ect ect. A noisy top end is a common complaint from riders.
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    Welcome to The Forum
    You did not have the sound before you changed the comp?
    Re check your work and torque values first
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    What Jack said!