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    ok so I am looking for an ultra I have found a few that are used but I am torn between new or used the used one arnt that much cheaper any thoughts

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    The quick reply is how new is new...there are still some 2009 models that are still "new" and may save you quite a bit of change to put in your favorite seat, Stage I tune or $1000 or more add ons and STILL save money verses a 2010 or 2011. Also, it is pretty hard to buy a BAD 4 or 5 year old bike. It comes down to what hits all the right buttons in YOUR wheelhouse. Good Luck in your search...! Look in the Self Help General tips on how to buy a or used.
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    That is a tough question for anyone but you to answer for YOU. But here are some considerations:

    • How "handy" are you at maintaining/working on your bikes?
    • How well maintained are the used bikes you are considering?
    • Is there a complete "file" of all the maintenance and up-grades done on the bike?
    • How much are you planning to do to the bike with respect to modifications?
    • Are you interested in anniversary or special edition bikes?

    I personally would not buy a new bike. I do all my own work (within the limits of my equipment), and so I do not need to take the big depreciation hit. I do think there is a place for an Extended warranty to guard against catastrophic failure, but "normal" maintenance and failure repair I would not want to pay a premium for, and want to make sure it is done right as much as possible.

    So I think it comes down to an honest self-appraisal of the individuals abilities, capabilities, and willingness to work on the bike. Those who do not want to do this, or do not have the capabilities to do this, then a new bike is a better fit.

    Those who intend to do heavy modifications are better off buying a used bike as the starting point so that the heavy depreciation hit is already taken.


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    Here's my story....
    I found an 06 Heritage ST at the dealer's. It was just the right color and had a lot of upgrades that I wouldn't have paid for myself, but that came with the bike. The first owner paid for all that stuff. So, between what I saved on a new one, plus the goodies on the used one, and even adding a 2 year wheel to wheel no copay extended warranty, I still came out ahead over the new one.

    On the other hand, I didn't get the 6 speed and I didn't get the upgraded cam tensioners. But the 6 speed doesn't seem so wonderful, and the tensioners are covered on my warranty.

    So it's really a personal weighing of the options. Good luck.
  5. rhino

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    ive been noticing alot of 06 and 07s at some prices that have me thinking. most have less than 10000 miles and already have pipes and stage one done. i already have momma talked into letting me build a new garage in the spring, now i gotta talk her into a ultra classic. its definately a buyers market, i prefer low miles used.
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    id go used unless u have alot of money go new , idont like payment books anymore
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    I won't give up the required dollars to be the first to own a bike. I spent a lot of time researching for Ultras or Classics. I started dialog with several sellers. Eventually one guy got desperate, and I ended up with a 2 yr. old, 4,000 mile Classic with lots of extras for $14,000. I had to drive 250 miles to get it. A year later my buddy bought the exact model,& color as mine, with 2,000 miles for $13,500. We both feel good about our deals, and we paid a lot less than original asking price.
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    I picked up an 07 Super Glide Custom with 2,800 miles on it last year for about 40+% less than new. Bike was perfect, and still is with 5,000+ miles on it. The only thing I sacrificed was not my first color choice, and no warranty. For that much money difference, I could put a new recon motor in it and still be ahead.

    I'm happy going used.
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    All I am going to say on this is I have had many used scooters, including HD. There is NOTHING like owning you own from the get go. Not saying not to buy a used scooter, but I am glad I have my own from the start this time. Took awhile, but I did it and have NO regrets. If you plan on trading up or selling, that is a different story. If you plan on keeping and can afford it, buy your baby brand spanking new. Also you get exactly what you want... kind of like getting a women that has not been divorced...... LOL! Buy new, You will be glad you did IMO.:s
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    thats my thinking so are you from OK or ND