New vs. used ECM

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by YoDA, May 15, 2009.

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    I purchased a crashed Sporty with a missing ECM, and so of course I need to get a ECM. A new ECM costs $350 so I'd like to get a used one if possible. Can I purchase a used ECM (with the correct part number for my bike year) and have a Dealer reprogram it or do I have to buy a new ECM?
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    If it's the same part number you can probably get it used. Chances are if you can find what it came from, it may have the proper fuel map in it already.
    Of course you may be buying a pig in a poke getting a used one unless you know the seller or their rep.

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    YoDa brought up a good point, I had picked up a new ignition control module ICM from the HD dealer in Redwood city...come to find out even though it is the right part number, when I install it in the bike it would not provide spark. The HD dealer said it had to be programmed...there is nothing in the service manual that says this is so, only a note "The ICM cannot be repaired and must be replaced if it fails. "

    Am I stuck with having to take my bike in with the module to have an ignition map downloaded from the factory that only the dealer can put in a program with their Digital Tech device? The HD dealer said there was a service bulletin, that they would fax me, when I tried to return it to them to be programmed, which they sent back, still dead!
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    The dealers require the bike with the ECM installed to be brought in to program the ECM. The hook up to do it is the data connector on the bike.