New Street Glide coming,exhaust question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by biggjake702, May 25, 2011.

  1. biggjake702

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    I've got a 2011 103" Street Glide coming next month and was hoping to get some advice regarding exhaust.Although this isn't my first Harley,it will be my first bagger with a stereo system,and was hoping to hear from you guys what your opinions are of my 2 choices for exhausts are.I'm primarily interested in getting a couple opinions regarding the V&H 2-1 Pro Pipe and the V&H 2-2 Big Radius.The big Radius is what I'm leaning towards,but was wondering if the fact that they are much shorter,will I end up drowning out my sound system?I love the sound of the Big Radius pipes,but have never heard them with a sound system.Thanks
  2. VMGR252Nav

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    Have the same bike and went with V&H big shots. Happy with the pipes but still needed to upgrade the sound system for riding over about 45 mph. Not sure whether the long or short will make a difference. I suggest you get the pipes you like and upgrade the sound system if you need to...enjoy...
  3. Iceman24

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    Definitely look into changing stock speakers w/these pipes. HogTunes, J&M, Boom audio etc...many good choices. BR's will be a tad louder w/the exhaust out by your legs. I run TD's and have no problem w/tunes, but sound's more toward rear of bike. Good luck & enjoy that new ride!
  4. dmz1965

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    Recently picked up a 2011 Ultra limited, went with V&H True Duals head pipes with (at the recommendation of the parts guy) Kuryakyn Crusher slip ons. Sounds great; good report when you get on the throttle but doesn't get in the way of the radio at highway speeds.
  5. HwyKnight

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    I posted this on another thread, but it applies here too:

    I have a 2010 Ultra Limited, and did the following: Air Cleaner, ThunderMax Tuner, D&D 2 into 1 with a ghost pipe on the left side. I couldn't recommend this set up strongly enough I am very, very pleased. Sounds great, looks great, performs great, and no more heat issues! Don't waste your time with anything else!:D
  6. Shakeydeal

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    No matter what pipes you go with, you should look into upgrading the lame stock sound system. However, I would recommend a good 2-1 for performance sake. I am having a D&D Fatcat and ghost pipe installed as we speak. I don't like the looks of the big radius pipes on a bagger.....

  7. thkmann

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    I have the stock pipes yet but bought the hog tunes speakers. The radio doesnt sound good on the bike, IMO, but when you hook up the IPOD, the thing absolutely rocks.....even at 70 mph.