New Rider looking for his first Harley. Suggestions?

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  1. Jmd537

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    Hey everyone,

    Recent college grad here who just got his first job and finally the income necessary to purchase a Harley. I have no experience with owning a bike and i just passed my license test as well as a instruction course on safety and riding procedures.

    When it comes to bikes i personally prefer classic looks. Black, minimal chrome, rugged. I like the sport bikes Harley offers but I've been told that my size would be a problem for such a bike.... I'm 6'2 210 pounds. I've gotten suggestions that a DYNA would fit me great and I'm really impressed with the 2010 Wide Glide.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Cant go wrong with the Dynas
  3. jmpancoast

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    I am about your same size and the Dyna fits me great. I had to extend the forwards to suit my leg length. These bikes are very versatile and can made to fit many size riders.

    I was not a new rider, but didn't have a lot of saddle time when I got my Dyna. What a great bike to get experience on. I've done almost 25,000 miles in the past three years and love the Dyna.
  4. springer03

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    no way to beat the FLSTSI.. Full Size Soft tail Springer Fuel injected.. Looks Ride Class Harley all the way.

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  5. glider

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    Only one way to beat that....:D

  6. softailsteve

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    go test ride and decide what fits your taste best if you still cant decide ride them all again there all good bikes but at your height I wouldnt consider a sportster if it was me I:d get a softail lol
  7. FLHXTom29715

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    Yes, go and check out several bikes, sit on them and take note of where the controls are, how they fit you and then take one or two or three for a test ride, narrow it down and then rent one over night. When I bought my first harley all I got to do was sit on it. I did rent several on vacation, so I knew what to expect.
  8. Pride913

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    Go to a dealership and you'll find one...I promise. hahaha..I went to just "look" to see what i liked and i ended up buying a 2007 Street Bob for my first bike that day and im glad i did. Its well balanced and is super comfy, in my opinion. No problems here.

    :USA :rider
  9. Luwise

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    I feel it depends on what type of riding you plan to do. Any distance riding combo, you might like a Street Glide, Hertidge or Fat Boy. I think the Dynas are more versitle and can be customized to your hearts desire. Shop the dealers and talk to local riders.
  10. TQuentin1

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    Ride, Captain, Ride
    Upon your MYSTERY SHIP!!

    Get out and ride as many models as you can at the demo days. The HD Dealerships around you should do these quite often. Once you narrow the list to two or three different bikes, rent those on three separate but consecutive weekends. The objective is to truly evaluate how each fits YOU! So any suggestions here are how those fit THOSE riders.

    Just remember that the lower the bike's center of gravity is, the more stable and easier to handle the bike will be.

    Good searching!!