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  1. (bar)Tending To You

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    Hey everyone, great forum!

    I am a new rider, and just bought my first bike this month. I have read the forums up and down, and have successfully winterized my bike and it is covered until spring... Sadly, I was only able to ride it once! But buying in the winter saved me a ton of $$$...

    I am mechanically inclined and intend on doing all my maintenance and tinkering of minor stuff my self...

    My question to all you self repair guys out there... What are the tools that I "Must have"? That way I can have Mrs. Claus add it to the list!

    Thanks again, and I can't wait for SPRING! :cheers
  2. fin_676

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    What a hard question to answer as i dont know what tools you already have and as i have been collecting tools for about 35 years it is hard to say where to start
    good set of spanners i prefer to use combination spanners open at one end and ring at the other
    a good socket set i mainly use 3/8" square drive on motorcycles
    a good set of long reach ball ended allen keys
    a set of torx bits
    a set of screwdrivers with flat phillips and posidrive heads
    hammers small medium and large mallets rubber and nylon headed
    set of plyers sharp nose square nose and wire cutting
    torque wrench to fit sockets
    i use allen and torx bits with 3/8" square drive
    always buy resonable quality tools and they will last a long time but the list of what you will need goes on and on

  3. ironmark

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    You can do most anything with a good set of SAE/metric tools , screwdrivers , torx bits & Allen wrenches are a must , and a good bike lift would be helpful at times .
  4. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    Hey there... welcome... as Brian said, the list is long but I bet someone will chime in with a service manual. I don't do any heavy duty wrenching on my own but the manaul is one of the best tools that gets me going in the right direction. Your first ride is the ride you will always remember, enjoy and ride safe!
  5. Cyclops

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    Depending on the type of work you plan on doing, a couple of good torque wrenches; ft/lbs & in/lbs; drive size depends on socket set(s) you get/have.

    Congrats on your new bike!:57:
  6. SirDimsdale

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Brian has pretty much nailed your needs as you describe them. They should cover 95% of what you want to do. Use Brian's list as a fill-in for what you don't already have. Enjoy
  7. bcortani

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    Welcome to teh forum and to a world of fun (once spring is One tool you want to make sure you have is a T27 will want to believe a T25 is the right one, but it isn' some self tip posts here on tapping out stripped primary cover derbies...Enjoy!!:D
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  8. biscuit

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    If you're mechanically inclined,you must have some tools.You can buy some more that are sort of Harley specific,but you'll need these:
    Workshop manual.Electrical manual.Parts manual-absolutely invaluable as not ONLY does it give you the correct part number to order;you also have exploded line diagrams to show you how it all goes back together.

    If dollars are short,go for Workshop manual and Parts manual.If 'Santy' is going to provide,go for the trifecta.
  9. jkelley

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    As mentioned: CONGRATS on the ride! Get the service manual, and a set of GOOD torx bits ( a couple of T-27's )... Get ready for the illness, Chromeitis set's in quick, and can not be cured. I'll bet she get's several coats of wax on her before you break it out for the spring? Enjoy!!!!!!!
  10. Iceman24

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    Sears has some nice tool kits put together - I have the 261-piece which covers basics in all three sizes (1/4", 3/8" & 1/2") SAE & metric. From there add a few torque wrenches (in/lb & ft/lb), good set of torx & hex sockets and this will get you going. From threre - add as you need...good luck & congrats on the new scoot.