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    I own a 1985 FLHTC and my neighbor just across the street just bought a new Harley dresser after owning his Road King for just a few years. This is his third new Harley in the last 10 years since I moved in. He gets his hands dirty for a living and I work behind a desk. I spend considerably more time working on my bike than he does on his. His bikes are under warranty at least during part of his ownership while I am on my own. His tradein helps to finance his new purchase. This is one of those open discussion questions where I don’t think there is a right answer but what’s right for you - Bob
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    Could not agree more. Some guys like a long term relationship with their bike and others want the latest and greatest. What I usually gauge when its time for a new one is when I am able to walk into a dealer and find a bike I like more than the one in the garage. Last bike I owned for 10 years and this is 3 years old and now that I am able to ride since winter has gone, I really appreciate my 2008 and will not need a change any time soon.....So it comes down to what floats your boat, and there is no right or wrong answer....
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    I agree with the no right answer. My '94 and '05 seem like part of the family. I have a lot of miles and busted knuckles on both bikes. I'm still looking for that bike at the dealers that I can't walk away from. The 2011 RG does talk to me every time I go in, soooo???
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    I have bought both new and used. If buying used I recommend that whoever you buy from can prove a good service history. If you finance through HD they will give you an extended warranty option. If you want to pay cash just finance through HD to get the warranty you want and then pay off the loan. No biggie there. Ultimately it is how much do you want to save. If you buy a used HD you almost always come out better as people will usually chrome out the forks for you etc. All of that you will have to do on your own with a new one.
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    To me, it is to each their own. I'm keeping mine for a while and doing my own wrenching when I can. I like updating my bike with new goodies rather than buying a new bike.

    Have to agree with most of what has been said. When my bike is too small for what I want, or another bike really calls me, I'm keeping mine.
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    I bought initial HD used, but it was a "stepping stone" to my current/dream bike so I'll keep this one until HD makes rocket motors...;)

    Only other used bike I'd consider would be anniversary model - if in decent shape.
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    I believe HD is a luxury, not an investment. I bought used and paid cash, so I am not out the finance charges. If you have the coin and that is what you want to do, buying new every couple of years is an option many people take.
    Seems too expensive for me, but if it is what you really want, go for it.
    When I add up the financing charges (if you finance), taxes/fees, plus the trade-in value the dealer has to be less than what they can make, it has to be net negative. At that point I think you agree that for a set monthly payment you get a relatively new MC. Things change a bit if you put on 20-40K (or more) miles a year.

    Vehicles, 99.9% of the time (anyone have an original Shelby Cobra?), are a net loss. With HD being a luxury item, this fits even better. There is a potential for "less loss" in keeping the same vehicle longer, and the odds go up if you maintain the vehicle. But, being a luxury, it is all about having fun and being happy. If you love "new", then keep buying new, as long as you can afford it. If you like "old" and having a history with a vehicle, than keep that scoot running! My goal is 100K miles on my 2007, so I am keeping it a while. We have a history.
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    Well I certainly enjoyed reading all of the various scenarios on this post. I have always bought used (car, truck or bike) with the exception of my wife's Trailblazer. She had never had a new vehicle so we just bought it new back in 2004. It now has 25,00x miles and is paid off. We will be keeping it for a good while. My Truck is a 1988 with 156,00x miles. Drive it only to work. Bought it in 1997 with 38,000 miles (a very low mileage garage kept vehicle).

    Thing with me is, it's all about the money or lack thereof. Some folks that I know locally have a car and bike payment their whole life. They never get one paid off before they buy another. And there is nothing wrong with that. It just costs more money. I spend average of 650.oo a yr on my Truck, last year I had to have a new oil pump in, $720.oo. A friend of mine said why would you put that much money in that old Truck. I asked him how much the monthly payment was on his new truck that he makes 12 times a year. He did not answer.

    But if you got the money, and you don't need it for something else, then whatever. I would like to always keep my 07 Bob but someday buy a Touring bike. Who knows I might buy a new one. But the way I am, I would be more likely to go down to the Harley Shop and start looking at the 1 or 2 yr old ones and compare the mileage and price and condition. Just the way I am.
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    I like new, but usually I end up finding a good used vehicle. I've been pretty lucky with my last two. :) IMO, each has different advantages.

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    One thing I like about an older bike is the freedom to try things that you just wouldn't do to a new $20,000+ motorcycle. There is that whole history thing going on too. It also forces me to do some major repairs and hopefull learn something. I like the older technology. The power window on my Nissan Maxima isn't working and I'm afraid to find out wat it will cost to get it repaired. Nice when it works though. Still its good there is a market for new ones otherwise they would go out of business - Bob