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    Hi H-D fans. I'm hoping for at least a few comments on my new to me bike. I bought a 2000 883 Sportster with 18K on the speedo. I'm the third owner. The bike has been "altered" slightly. SE pipes, high flow air filter, fat bob tank, wire spoked wheels (they did come with cast or forged spoked, didn't they?), solo seat, whitewall tires of 06 vintage. The engine is stock, runs well, leaks not a drop so this is likely true. My question: What would you do to assure a safe ride. I will change the fluids, new plugs and wires, new tires (my hide is too valuable to leave on the highway), check the belt and that's about the end of my capabilities at present. I'm learning daily from this fine website but have lots to learn yet so anything else will be done at a dealership. Suggestions please, help the novice stay right side up. Thanking you in advance for any comments.
    PS I will have in hand an owners and service manual soon, just got the bike yesterday and haven't had time to order yet.
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    Since its a 2000 model --- I would think about a new battery and while doing so check out the bat. cables for frays and clean both ends.Are you going back with syn on the fluids? Good luck with the new scoot!! :cheers
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    Thank you. That's sound advice. Synthetics it will be, I'm sold on them.
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    Have all of the wheel bearings checked while you are having new tires installed.
    Give the swing arm bushings a check ( while the wheel is off). Check the shock bolts and bushings.
    Inspect, adjust, grease the steering head bearings.
    When you get the manuals, go over the 10,000 mile service list items.
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  5. Rubyred

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    When I purchased my 07 Softail I called my local dealer and the service manager said to bring it in and he would perform a "Survey" of it at NO, I repeat, NO Charge. So I did and had piece of mind.:)

    P.S. Survey included checking of everything at the 5000 mile check. I even told him I was going to, or had changed all the oils.
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  6. Jack Klarich

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    Check, adjust the primary chain, lube the clutch cable, and adjust the clutch. Check the brake pads and flush the fluid:s
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