New Metzler 140/70-21 vs 120/70-21

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by genodgeno, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. genodgeno

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    140 has a rating of 76V (882 lbs @ 149 mph)
    120 has a rating of 68H (694 lbs @ 130 mph)

    I have a 21" front wheel that is 3.5" wide Hogpro on a 2008 Ultra

    0.66" taller sidewall
    0.79" wider treadwidth
    1.11" taller (may need to raise fender)
    702 revs per mile vs 730. Not significant since its on the front. Rear would change gear ratio.

    I am thinking this tire will be more stable since its a little wider. Just a wee bit taller as well.

    Any thoughts? I'm gonna try it anyway and let you guys know in a month or so.
  2. dbmg

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    The only thing I can see is that with the ABS system on bike, wheel diameter is essential to wheel speed input. How do you offset, so that warning lights on dash do not come on do to wheel speed sensor input difference from having 2 different size wheels.
  3. genodgeno

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    Took out the ABS. Not a factor. Got a post going about it now.