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    I found you looking for help to trouble shoot my 1999 FXDL's recent battery/electrical issues. Glider's self help posting re: Regulator/Stator/Battery system checks seems very useful. I'll do some trouble shooting tonight although I'm pretty sure I'll need a new battery first. Got a Deka AGL ETX20L on order.

    I live and ride mostly in the west Denver metro area and have been riding since 1964 starting with a Cushman scooter for back and forth to work as a beginning mechanic at 15 years old. I carried my small tool box on it too, until I was old enough to get a regular license and ride something bigger. Rode my Dad's WWII surplus Indian Scout, not sure what year it was, until I went in the service.

    My Dyna Low Rider is Cobalt blue with S.E. (SuperTrapp) 2 into 1 pipes, 204 S.E. cams, carb kit and K&N filter kit in the stock housing. Just put some new Metzlers on and wow, I really like 'em. Been running well until just recently.
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    Welcome to The Forum:rider:wce
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Ride Safe!!!
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    Welcome from Louisiana!:)

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    from one new member to another!
    and my FXDL is a 96'

    the intel here is awesome but in my experience the people here are what makes it the BEST! on the web.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada.
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    Thanks to those who welcomed me. :D

    The new battery fixed my perceived electrical problems. I've never had a battery do the things it did over a period of weeks prior to my replacing it. The 'old' battery was less than two years old, tested perfectly for voltage, specific gravity and current draw/voltage when cranking (when it would crank) and still passes a load test with a carbon pile load tester on the bench. Every once in a while it would not crank, the lights and ignition would go off until the key switched was cycled off then back on. Then after key cycling sometimes it would repeat not cranking, shutting the lights and ignition off and other times it would crank and start right up. Sometimes when it wouldn't crank, if you turned the ignition off and walked away for a couple of hours, it would crank and start right up. When it wouldn't crank, jump starting didn't work either. The last ride before the battery change, it started running on one cylinder about 5 miles from home, the lights, turn signals and the speedometer quit working as well and of course it was raining. I nursed it home and it died coasting into my driveway.

    I thought the alternator/regulator would keep it running, like most other vehicles with a bad (or no) battery, but it sure didn't. That's why I thought there was an electrical charging system problem.

    As I said, a new battery fixed everything, amazing, and as yet unexplained to me. I suppose an internal open or broken connection within the battery could explain a lot of it. But why does the battery bench test perfectly now that it's out of the bike? Vibrations? I don't know, but the bike starts and runs perfectly again, like it always has.