New member with an electrical problem,help

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rhodehawg, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I have one 2001 Ultra Classic. Whilst riding one day the speedo starts jumping, odometer blinks on and off, engine light comes on and the bike barely runs. I turn around for home get the bike in the driveway and it dies. Battery appears to still be good. Someone at the HD shop suggested it might be the voltage regulator? Anyone with similar problems that can suggest how to trouble shoot this issue? I don't have a factory service manual for the bike. I do hope I can get some advice here to fix my problem. Thanks Rhodehawg
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    Re: New member with an electrical problem, help!

    You can start here for checking the regulator/charging system:

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

    There are other tips in the self-help sections on the other parts of the electrical system. Hope you find your trouble!
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    Sorry bout your bike. got an 01 also and had some electrical problems also. Ended up replacing, stater, reg., battery and reattaching all the ground leads. Hope you find yours soon.
    I found a service manual on cd on e-bay for 13.99. nice deal compaired to $60 for the factory book.
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    You could start by checking all cable connections, loose battery terminal, regulator wire connection etc.

    If your check engine light came on, then I would assume you have a trouble code in your memory, the ECM stores trouble codes for events that happen, if when you start your ride and the check engine doesn't go out, or comes back on, then there is definetly a code. Let us know how you make out

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    Welcome Rhodedawg to HDTalking and your first post. Many enthusiasts and fellow riders will help you troubleshoot the bike. Don't forget to look at the tabs near the top of the page for Self Help Tips, and the Search one typing in keywords, to help you find related threads.

    A little more information is needed, was there any recent work done to the bike or change in the "normal" routine i.e. did you fuel up from a different station or the like. Is your bike "stock" (yeah yeah most aren't, we do like to make these things our own don't we)...but knowing what level of tune the bike is in helps also. Any additional support information will help us help you!:D