New jets- how to tell??

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Porter, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Porter

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    This one is a winter project:

    2002 Dyna Low Rider. Bought it used with 400 miles on it.
    It was sitting in a garage. The previous owner is a Doctor and always wanted a HD. She bought this and said that she had some extras done (like custom paint, SE mufflers and some chrome that I can see) but basically she took it out a few times, got scared and let it sit for about 6 years.

    I have changed all the fluids, fuel etc twice... once to get the old stuff out and then again once I got it up to temperature to make sure any sediment and gunk was removed.

    Basically the pervious owner didn't really know what she had done to customize it. I guess the dealer just ran off a list of suggestions and she said yes.

    Anyway, this is obviously a carburated bike and I know that work could have been done to change the jets. Maybe they just had some mufflers added, maybe they did more.... I have no riding experience with this type HD and it is so different in weight, handling and fuel management compared to my 2007 Ultra Classic, I have no experience to compare. Is there any easy way for me to check and see if the bike is still in the standard condition or has been modified? I bought the manual and from reading this site, I beliveve the main weakness with this motor is the cam tensioner and the suggestions are that that should be replaced with a better system.

    So far, it runs great, sounds great and was a terrific price for a practically unused HD that fits my wife perfectly (and me if I like my knees in the handle forward controls, stock pegs). The reason I ask is that this Dyna REALLY seems to take off when I hit the throttle. But as stated above, the comparison is tough for me. It still has the standard air filter if that helps but I don't know if an SE model air cleaner was necessary with carb jet modifications. My wife is 120lbs, so there is plenty of power as is. I am not looking to upgrade. Just to know what I've got....

  2. softailhog

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    If it runs great, I wouldn't mess with it. You will have to take the carb apart, take the jets out, and look at the numbers on them to know what they are. Not worth it on a good running bike IMO.
  3. kemo

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    I would look at the bottom of the carb and see if the plug that covers the mixture screw has been removed, if not I wouldn't think that the jetting has been changed.
  4. Breeze3at

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    Odds are with the stock air filter, the jets are stock. If the dealer had done anything, they would have taken the good doctor for the full stage 1 ride, at minimum. The Dyna should feel good to you, it's 200+ lbs. lighter.
  5. fin_676

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    If you really need to know if the jets have been changed then youll have to pull the carb apart and get the jets out the service manuall will tell you what the stock jets were


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I had a 2000 FXDS and loved it...

    Is the exhaust loud or quiet? slash cut or straight ends?
    What color is the inside VERY end of mufflers sooty grey or BLACK carbon?
    NO black smoke when you twist the throttle wide open quick no need to monkey with jets.

    LIKE SAID it came from the dealer as it is and probably NEEDS NOTHING but RIDE IT.

    At 400 miles, you don't have to worry about the cam stuff YET.
    Usually 25,000 without any problems there.. checking after 20,000 mi.

    They make a GREAT conversion for the older bikes. HD has a KIT for the replacement of OIL PUMP, CAM CHAIN AND TENSIONER CONVERSION TO THE NEW STYLE with new chain and a cam support plate...... LIKE IN YOUR NEWER BIKE..
    It wasn't available when i changed mine out but HD has ALL the parts needed in KIT form (under 500$$) for what i paid JUST for a feuling oil pump...

    The bike you bought MUST be a ONE OF A KIND FIND with 400 miles on it...


    I'd run as it is for now
    I'd BET she is HAPPY with the NEW bike...
    IT WILL keep up with your bike and YOU may be surprised by HAVING to FOLLOWING her...



    LUCKY YOU!!!!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Likely if previous owner had dealer service, then the dealer has records as to what if anything was done. But likely it was "by the book" and honestly, even an EPA compliant matched 2002 if it carburetes okay with some or all Stage I reasonably cleanly it is probably is just fine. I doubt the bike is not going to be ridden near 8/10's level that "may" uncover the upper limits and the bike is very robust.
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  8. Porter

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    Thanks all for the replies and insight. I am definitey not going to monkey with it any time soon.

    The exhaust is a slash cut, and I would say the exhaust is loud. Not straight pipe loud, but to me, how a HD should sound. Nice throaty rumble with a little bite when you crack the throttle. It is definitely not like the stock mufflers that came with my 07 ultra. In fact I think I like the Dyna sound better than my 07 with V&H ovals. These even seem louder than some of the "sreamin eagle" mufflers on newer bikes. I would assume that 2002 may have been a bit more loose on the noise regulations. I will check the color of the residue at the end of the exhaust tonight.

    Definitely lucky me/us. I will say, at least where I am, I do miss the fairing of my ultra when I was test riding it.

    It was pretty difficult purchase for me because I am typically very suspicious and I could not stop thinking that something was wrong. The owner said that she had someone looking at it a few weekends ago and he said he wasn't interested. Maybe he really knew what he was looking for and this wasn't it. But when I got the price ($5600) and got it inspected before the purchase was final, I could not pass it up. I thought that maybe something was wrong with it or perhaps 2002 had been a bad year, or Dyna's (as a model) maybe had some serious issues. But from my research it seems like it is a fine model. The inspector couldn't even believe that it had been sitting that long in a garage, untouched. But he confirmed that it was pretty much brand new.

    I think I/we just bumped into the right person who wanted to see another woman ride this HD and would rather let it go just to see it be used rather than letting it sit and rot away any longer. I think all I really have to do at this point is put on some new tires. These originals have plenty of tread but they look a little "dry".

    I still have this fear that this is to good to be true and it will blow up at some point, too late now, but I have always been a "worry wort". And, since is it purple (wife's favorite color) and it is now her's.... I think it is here to stay no matter what....:D
  9. Breeze3at

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    Porter; You got a NICE deal. I couldn't part with my 1992 Dyna for that price. It might be a smart move to have the tires inspected before you let loose on the interstate. Have the sidewalls and tread grooves inspected for cracking. Have it done by someone you trust. There are people that will tell you they need replacing because it's money in thier pocket to sell you new ones. Again GOOD DEAL!
  10. BUBBIE

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    YOU are right on in thinking "GOOD DEAL" .. THE 2002 had a lot of improvements over 1999/2000 model years

    the exhaust ends should LOOK dull gray-black. BLACK is ok without being flakey BLACK. if sooty FLAKEY black check plugs and if they are black , it is too rich.

    ANOTHER CHECK :::: A QUICK, FULL TWIST then OFF of the throttle(very fast open to closed) (after bike is warmed - after a ride) showing NO exhaust color in exhaust flow AT ALL is perfect..

    also while riding, leave off throttle and you may get a SLIGHT pop but not LOUD or many... IF loud and many pops , it is probably too LEAN...
    BECAUSE of free flowing exhaust system, a small-little pop or so may be there EVEN WITH PROPER FUEL MIX....

    MY dyna had python3's which were very loud , even when proper mixture of carb was right, IT gave a soft pop or two when leaving off the throttle... nothing loud or to worry about.

    On the carb,,, I took mine apart in 15 min. no need to take it OFF to get it all apart..
    TIGHT FIT but under carb while on the bike with a short philips screwdriver took bowl off (4 screws) (drain plug, brass flat face screw on side of carb by drain hose, loosened to drain fuel from float bowl first)

    jets were also a 15 min job to change... short BIG flat bladed screwdriver to fit the main jet (centered in plain view after float bowl removed) and a 3/16 narrow flat screwdriver to fit into recess of idle jet (low speed) to remove...

    BUT like you said "RUN it as-is is a good choice"(BEST) if runs CLEAN and not too LEAN

    Tires MAY be OKAY if not showing ANY age cracking BUT safer if you replace them.

    The exhaust are NOT the stock ones as the bike came with flat ended QUIET mufflers (I'm sure you know this)

    YOU are also right on when you say louder than the newer (IF) scream'n eagle as epa has TIGHTENED harley to use QUIETER mufflers even on the se AFTER MARKET slip-ons.

    JUST a REMINDER:::: DON"T USE SYN3 oil please......
    harleys reg engine oil #360 is ok and formal+ is a good chaincase oil
    redline shockproof heavy or spectro in tranny is BEST.

    you know you can use the SAME OILS as in your newer bike

    Personally, I would use 20/50 FULL synthetic oil in engine on the next change

    seams everyone "here" is excited for you and wife!!! nice BUNCH of people...

    many safe miles to you both....