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    Club wants to do a ride to new hope, the last I heard was that you could not park in town. Any one have any Info?
    Thanks Retro 08
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    Do a search on google, good info for riding by and parking in town, beware of the loud pipes.

    this's cut and paste a portion of New Hope's.

    Letter to Yenta 07/28/08
    Police crack down on noise from loud motorcycles
    By James MCGinnis- Bucks County Courier Times - July 28,2008
    Bristol Township police have issued about six citations for loud motorcycles in recent weeks as part of the department's “no tolerance” policy on noise pollution, officers said.
    The township said it is training police officers as certified commonwealth inspection mechanics. That way, they can identify cycles retrofitted to make more noise.
    “We have four guys on the street with this training,” said police Lt. Gaetano Sava. “We're hoping to get another three officers trained later this year.”
    Police cannot legally stop a motorcycle without probable cause and officers do not carry decibel meters to measure sound levels, Sava added.
    “In some cases, we'll issue a warning,” he said. Those who get a warning are told to fix their bike and bring it to the police station for inspection. “We see that they fixed their bike, and we don't give them a ticket,” Sava added.
    Sava said the department wants to make clear that it's not targeting all bikers.
    “This is not about targeting everyone on a bike. It's about going after the ones [who ride bikes] that are excessively loud.”
    Bristol Township police Chief James McAndrew announced the “no tolerance” policy on loud motorcycles in late May. The department will issue fines of about $75 for offenders, McAndrew said.
    “When you hear a loud one, it's illegal and it needs to be stopped,” McAndrew said.
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    I have the New Hope Motorcycle Guide that I picked up from the New Hope Visitors Center. I tried to post it but site only allows 19.5 kb and this is 806 kb. Not sure how I can link to it as my stuff only seems to recognize pics and small files. Can you PM me your email?
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    I try not to visit New Hope anymore if I can help it. It's painfully obvious that the yuppies don't want us bikers there and are willing to go out of their way to show it. I haven't been there in quite some time and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that bikers cannot park there anymore.

    It's time to move on to another better town. This one don't want us there no more.
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    I used to live out there and would go there every weekend. You are right that the Yuppies have taken the place over. They complain to the shop owners and the shop owners complain to the cops. The cops figure they make more money through taxes and sals etc. so they ticket the bikers. Its a shame really. Lots of good riding around there.
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    I ride to New Hope all the time. My old bike had straight pipes on it and never had a problem. I even two years ago got pulled over with a large group of people some didn't even have their registration & insurance cards with them and they let us all go. They tend to pull people over under an over pass (I forget the roads) right was you pull in to new hope coming from the north. They do that because they will make you rev the engine within the underpass to judge how loud the pipes are.

    My friend told me that a couple of years ago the residents where complaining about the noise levels. So the township enacted stricter noise restrictions. As a result they handed out tickets like Santa on a fire truck handing out candy canes. One of the large biker groups in the area decided to protest by taking all the parking spots on the main street during the weekends in the summer months, one bike for every parking stop early in the morning then leaving the bikes there all day. The businesses in the area ending up losing so much money because there really isn't that much parking to begin with. As a result the cops/township reduced there ticket giving to individuals who abuse the noise restrictions. I.e. dummies that ride down main street (and within the housing areas) and rev the engines to annoy everyone and show off. So as long as you ride through town with some regard to the residents the cops don't care and in fact the cops are actually really descent people and most ride themselves (at least the ones I have talked to). So anyway yes you can ride through and go to New Hope area and park on the main street. You can usually fit about 3-4 bikes in a spot, which the businesses look at like quadrupling profits. Just know that if you go there and park on the metered parking on the main street you have to keep your bike within the white lines measured by where the tire touches the ground. If the bike tire touches the white line or you are clearly parking within two parking spaces (i.e. bike is over the white lines) you'll get a nice size parking ticket. And that's how they are able to make up for the loss in income from the noise restrictions.
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