New Harley owner need help with a Deuce

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ranger_dog, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. ranger_dog

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    I just bought my first Harley, a 2007 Deuce. Got it home from a 370 mile jaunt to pick it up and rode it to work today. (First ride except for a short test ride) Long story short, my check engine light is on and I discovered the reason is that the pipes that are on the bike (screaming eagle II's) are not the right pipes for the bike. There are no O2 sensors in the headers. So looking for solutions for the problem. Worse case, I get new headers that allow O2 sensors and buy 2 sensors and wire them in. My hope is there's a solution like a programmer that resets the computer to work without the O2 sensors, gains me better performance, and allows me to keep the pipes intact. Does anyone have suggestions? The seller is willing to work with me within reason and in a short amount of time.

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  2. Jack Klarich

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    Was the light on when you first bought the bike, Why did the owner remove the o2 sensors , I would have that fixed on his dime tho let the buyer be ware jmo:s
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    Heed Jack's warning b/c the seller should've indicated this during the sale - was the light illuminated for 1st test drive? Also, another option to throw in the hat is to call Dobeck Performance & ask them if their TFI would work to correct the issue. This would be a fairly cheap fix vs. new headers & O2 sensors - especially if you plan to add future upgrades. Food for thought...
  4. hogrotten

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    You can get O2 sensor eliminaters through cobra I believe,I know I saw them in the J&P Cycles mag. in the Cobra fuel tuner area. I am Not using O2 sensors in my Samson 2-1's on my bike (08 Street Glide).
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    The light wasn't on when I bought it. The bike is a repo bought from an auto dealer that sells them. I bid and won on ebay, traveled 370 miles to pick it up. Got there late on Sat, so time was limited, took it on a short test drive, (shorter than I wanted since I didn't have a helmet, Missouri has a law, and a cop followed me back to the dealer) It takes approx 3-4 miles to trip the light so it didn't trip while I was riding. I thought it may have been intentionally reset and the seller was scamming me but looking at the mileage on the title from Harley credit to the seller, he hadn't ridden it any so he probably didn't know either. The original owner changed the pipes (assumption) and why he removed the O2 sensors???? I like the idea of the TFI or someone else mentioned something about J&P having something for eliminating them. Good new is the seller will work with me somewhat, just got to get it done quickly.
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    I think Iceman has you on the right track. I have a Doebeck TFI on my '07. It does eliminate the 02 sensors via plug in's. The TFI will take care of the light/codes and you will probably end up getting some kind of fuel adder anyhow. Might as well get the best bang for the buck. I bet if you call them and ask for priority shipping, you will be riding by the weekend. Mention HD talking and your vet status (if you have it) that will more than cover any priority shipping. Doebeck phone #'s are listed several places on the forum, or Google it.
  7. R. Lewis

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    Have you pulled any codes yet?