New Harley Blackline....yawn

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    So we got a new Softail that's cheap(er).
    Dark Customâ„¢ Blacklineâ„¢ | Dark Customâ„¢ Motorcycles | Harley-Davidson USA
    Look at it....try to get excited....then realize it's no big deal...another rehash.
    BTW - Victory also unloaded another new (rehashed) scoot....The High-ball.
    New Victory High-Ball Unveiled. at Cyril Huze Blog – Custom Motorcycle News
    What do you guys think of these 2 "new" bikes?
    PS....I do like the tank paint on the new Harley.
  2. JBC2565

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    Looks like only has right side gas cap. Looks unbalanced to me.
    Commercial was to "busy" for me. Didn't really get to see the bike very well.
  3. cvhmpls

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    Here it is with some optional parts.

    Key features of the 2011 Blackline include:

    NEW Powertrain styling
    Powertrain is finished in gloss black powdercoat on the rocker box covers, the crankcase, the outer primary cover, and the transmission side cover. The cylinders are silver powdercoat with machined highlights. The derby cover and timing covers are chromed.
    Rigid-mounted, counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B™ V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 89 ft. lbs. peak torque at 3250 rpm.
    6-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission.
    NEW Round air cleaner cover in brilliant chrome.
    NEW Black Denim powdercoat frame and swingarm.
    NEW Profile Laced Aluminum wheels with black anodized rims. Front wheel is 21 x 2.15 inches; rear wheel is 16 x 3 inches. Dunlop® D402 tires are MH90-21 front and MU85B16 rear.
    NEW FX front end with black powdercoat triple clamps and black painted fork lowers.
    NEW Split Drag™ internally-wired handlebars mount directly to the top triple clamp.
    NEW Asymmetric five-gallon Softail fuel tank is clean on the left side, with a low-profile fuel fill on the right. Die cast “Blackline” trim panel flowing down the center of the tank is just high enough to cover the fuel pump hardware.
    NEW Analog speedometer on a triple-clamp mount that also holds indicator lights. LCD screen on the speedometer includes low-fuel warning and “miles to empty” display function.
    NEW Bobbed rear fender with combination stop/tail/turn lights in black housings, and a new composite license plate holder and light module that mounts on the lower edge of the fender.
    NEW Raw forged rear fender supports are finished in Black Denim powdercoat.
    NEW One-piece, two-up seat and passenger pillion. Laden rider seat height is 24 inches, the lowest two-up seat offered by Harley-Davidson. Gap between the nose of seat and fuel tank exposes the top of the frame.
    NEW 5.75-inch diameter headlamp in gloss black shell.
    Polished forward foot controls.
    Over/under chrome shotgun exhaust.
    Optional Security Package with Anti-lock Braking System and Smart Security System

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  4. bwalsh22

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    I like it. Nice low price entry to the softtail line, kind of takes the place of the night train.

    As for the Victory...ehhh don't care for that look at all. Looks like someone took a modern looking bike and smashed a few old school features on it. Not a fan, I like some of the other Victory bikes out there, but not this one.
  5. whacko

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    I looked at the preview for the victory highball and have to be honest it is a cool looking bike! I just got into riding last year and look at lots of custom bikes online and research all manufacturers and I definately "get" the whole bobber look and style! That highball definately captured it!

    However, I love my Harley and will probably always buy Harley.

    Thanks for posting the blackline commercial.....if it is meant to compete with the highball I have to say I like the looks of the highball better!

    The blackline needs higher bars and fatter tires to go with a Bobber style!
  6. dbmg

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    Where are the drag bars and upswept exhaust?????? Very retro...
  7. whacko

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    The MOCO website is calling those a "split" dragbar. Whatever that means!
  8. Brutal FXDX

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    Blackline with sliver heads?? Would look a lot better with Black heads, hence the name Blackline.
  9. Charlies Harley

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    Looks to me like they are targeting a younger generation than what are actually out there riding, now if they had an old crow like Willy Nelson taking three or four trys to throw leg over the bike I might take a second look.
  10. whacko

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    HD is definately marketing to the younger rider these days. the average age of a Harley owner is well over 40 now.......if they don't market to the 20 and 30 somethings they will be out of business in 15 years!!!!!!:shock

    I just double checked........the average age of a Harley owner in 2010 was 45! Absolutely the reason HD is pushing the dark custom line and have so many sportster models in the 2011 lineup!!!!!!
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