New front tire question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by craig Lee, May 10, 2009.

  1. craig Lee

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    Hey guys,
    Just had my new 18" Renegade Aspen Elite front wheel and rotors put on. We'll add a picture shortly.

    Question: I had the bike lifted to clean the wheels and tire. Noticed it spun with normal friction about 2/3 of the spin but tighter on the other 1/3. Is this normal with 5500 miles on the Lyndall brake pads. Just wondering if there is a break in period with the old pads and the new rotars, etc.

  2. kemo

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    If your not getting any pulse or vibration in the steering I wouldn't worry. If you hadn't spun the wheel you wouldn't know any different. What you don't know don't hurt you.
  3. glider

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    If it's noticeably tighter in one area than the other, it could be a warp in the rotor or defective rotor assuming it was torqued correctly. If the warp is bad enough you will get a pulsing in the brakes when applied. Ideally it should be equal all the way around, some have a tad of a tight spot but the amount that you have will determine if it can be felt when braking or not. If in doubt use a dial indicator and measure the rotor run out to be sure.