New from Colorado - Motor Noise??

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by rgoot01, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Robert and I am new to this site as well as
    H-D's. Two weeks ago I purchased my first Harley, a '89 Electra Glide Classic and couldn't be happier. I was fortunate enough to find the one I did because it has a brand new engine with warranty and not to mention I wanted a big bagger to begin with. I am so new to Harleys even being around one close a idle I have never done, with the exception of being next to one a a light, that I have a burning question. Do they naturally have what I describe as a "knocking" sound to the engine?
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    Adding on to what Tank said, you might get one of the mechanic's stethoscopes and use it to listen to your engine. They are cheap, under $5 at Harbor Freight. If you get the same sounds from each cylinder then most likely everything is OK.

    That said, you might also want to find out what modifications, if any, from stock were made to the engine. Being 'new' can cover a lot of ground from a new Harley engine to an S & S to a complete rebuild. Plus having it checked under warranty is a good idea as at least you have your concerns on record.

    Could even be old fuel. Just a thought.

    Congratulations, and ride safely.
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    Welcome to the Forum Im sure you will get used to the noises of your engine and this forum will help you figure everything out. You will have some great riding in Colorado, Might have to wait until next spring. I lived there for 55 years. Good Luck and ride Safe
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    Thank you for the input regarding the sounds coming from the engine. I have a stethoscope from my years as a diesel mechanic and found that the sounds are coming from both cylinders, plus, I had a fellow H-D rider listen to it last night and he confirmed that what I am hearing is normal. Thank you Tank for reminding me of the fact that it is air cooled and makes more sounds than a water cooled engine. I remember when I used to ride old air cooled dirt bikes how "noisy" they sounded, even when new or rebuilt. Makes sense that the fairing would direct and amplify the sounds straight to my face. Also, the engine is a bone stock factory Harley engine installed by Outpost Harley in Pueblo. Fortunately the weather here in Salida has been pretty decent that I have ridden every day since I got it. Thanks again for the input/advice.
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    Welcome to the forum from Minnesota, also welcome the world of owning a Harley. Part of owning a Harley is having a little noise, haven't seen one yet that doesen't. I agree with the others, if you think it's to much noise have it looked at, if they say it's ok driver like ya stole her! Good luck.