New Fat Boy and Oil Level Too High?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by GeicoGecko, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I bought a new fat boy at the weekend (first Harley) and with it I also purchased the digital level and temp gauge.

    I rode the bike for about 50 miles before fitting the temp gauge and noticed that the oil level when hot (213+ F) is reading too hot. I tried the original dip stick and it's right at the top of the hot line.

    Should I be worried and try to syphon some out? I've been careful of revs but wanted to be sure.

    As I'm on about 100 miles now I figured I'd just change the oil (for Mobil 1 VTwin) but thought I'd ask for advice.

  2. Jack Klarich

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    When you change your oil if your bike calls for 3 quarts of oil try 2/12 quarts as your crank case holds about 1 qt of oil that does not get drained. Next measure the oil level HOT after the change with your old stick then compare it to the New stick and add as needed then you will know the level will be correct and can modify your New stick
  3. cedarbrook63

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    Have you run the engine in using the 30-60-30 in 3rd x 10? Good way to seat the rings.
    Congrats and many happy miles of safe riding :D
  4. Iceman24

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    Definitely recommend the Mototune USA new engine break-in mentioned here & then dump oil. Also, 213-degrees is normal...our touring bikes run fm 230 - 250, depending on weather conditions...
  5. 90FXRS

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    One thing about the digital dipstck is that it measures the oil level when the bike is leaning on the stand. The original dipstick checks the oil when the bike is standing up. If you checked it right after you got off the bike after a ride, there was probably oil on the sensor and it's reading high oil level when actually it's not.

    Try this, go for a ride, get it hot. When you get home pull the dipstick and clean it then check the oil level.

    The temperature you're reading is normal. I added the Harley Premium Cooler to my 01. Dropped the temp to about 205 on the hottest days.
  6. RobbAr

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    I think the original and the new digital dip stick both check the engine oil on the side stand...The digital also is marked similar to the original one so you can check it manually. It doesnt take much to make the high oil level light signal to come on. Check it manually and if its slightly above the mark I would not worry about it..expeially if you ride it for a short distance and your oil isnt hot and it reads ok