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    I have an 05 Heritage, stock, bought new and I am in the process of changing out the exhaust. I want to install a set of duals. I got a price of $640. for Vance&Hines true duals, removable baffels with fishtails. I have also looked at Samsons. They are right at the same price. Does that sound like a good price or where can I get a set cheaper. How do they compare quality wise? The Samsons baffels are not removable.

    Also what breather system should I go with and what would be a good supplier. I don't want to go to my local stealer store. No discount.
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    You can get the SE A/C stage 1 online from 20% off parts. I had V&H on my 98RK, they were slip ons and I was very happy with the fit and finish of them. They stood up 11years and counting. removable baffles are nice to have, if you ever want to change them out, I'm sure I could use a rewrap of mine, but they get mellow with age, same as me! lol. I would go with the V&H, I think you'll be happy. Best T
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    had v&h true duels put on my '07 heritage with fish tails.
    the v&h sounded great and fish tails looked great,added a real nostalgic look to can also remove them for a more straight look with the stock end caps.
    i don't think the samson fish tails are removable and the pipes appear to stick out more beyond the fender. i heard them on a deluxe and they did sound good.just didn't look as good as v&h in my opinion.
    i went with a fuel pak with upgraded harley breather/round air cleaner cover...nice increase in proformance and ran with no baffle and they were not too loud for me.

    you might want to give v&h a call...i bought the fish tails from them as "seconds" for 1/2 off i looked for any blemishes when they arrived and could not find any...never know they may have the whole set up...

    sold the heritage now ride street glide..

    i loved that heritage... wish i could have kept it!
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    Thanks guys. It looks like I will be going with the v&h pipes with se stage 1 ac. I have a tfi on the way. Will do the wrenching myself thanks to the great info available here. It's going to save me several bucks.