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  1. marcus22

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    to all,
    I am hunting for a reliable used sedan for my wife and I would love your suggestions. I am looking for a ford focus or a saturn ion, but if anyone has good reviews for any other american made sedan that would be great. I tried looking at some online reviews but I cant trust them. most reviews were done with 1000 miles on the car. How can someone know if the car is good or not in a 1000 miles?

    thanks for your suggestions!:cheers

  2. glider

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    If I remember correctly the Saturn line is not made any longer so that would be a last choice because of parts down the road.
  3. Skratch

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    That's like asking someone what beer they like. Way too subjective.

    There are plenty of car sites that will give a pretty unbiased review. But the only way you're really going to know is to read and then go drive.
  4. paulmack

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    I have heard that the Ford Focus is a good car. I certainly do see a lot of them on the road so that says something for the reliability. I agree about the Saturn it's no longer going to be produced so there may be trouble later on finding parts. That's a shame because Saturn was one of GM's better cars.
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    How old of a car are you looking for? price range and mileage. I have GM sedans and so do my children. ALL of then with the 3800 engine. That engine is very reliable, good on power and fuel. Its been around for close to 30 years and the parts are cheep. I put a water pump on my sons car this weak and I got the part for $22.00. Ask around at your local service shops and see what they have to say about reliability and repair costs on vehicles that you are considering.:)
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    This is not a Ford Focus, but you can get a slightly used SAAB 9-3 for the same price as a new Ford. Here is an example not too far from St Cloud.
    Andrews of Princeton . I had the opportunity to talk with Chuck at the SAAB Owners Convention in 06 and he is very knowledgeable about the cars and has worked with GM on some of the upgrades and he is very particular about the cars he sells. These days it's more important to find a good dealer.

    SAAB was also one of the GM orphans but has been bought by Koenigsegg who make this.

    I have had many SAABs and now we have 3 in the family, it would be 4 if they made a pickup truck. If you have any reliability concerns read thisI was there when Peter turned 1,000,000 miles at the convention!
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    thanks to all,
    I am looking for a car for under $5000 hopefully. I never thought about that saab.
  8. roadrashman

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    Check great site or both have used car sections
  9. SledDog

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    On the Ford Focus front... I retired a 2001 Focus this past January with 362,718 miles (I used to drive 318 miles a day, round trip, to and from work). My dealer took it in on trade for a 2009 Focus. They are very reliable.

    On my 2001, the only things, other tham normal maintenance to fail was a fuel pump at 220,000 miles and a passenger side drive shaft bearing at 240,000 miles. The bearing is part of the shaft so I had to replace the whole thing. I did have the timing belt replaced at 150,000 because it started to squeek.

    Mileage per gallon over it's life was 38. That was with the 2.0 SOHC engine. The mileage I'm getting with my new Focus (only 12,000 miles so far) is an average of 36.
  10. marcus22

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    318 miles a day!!!! wow you must really like were you live. thanksfor the info