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    I just bought a 2012 street glide last august i installed new pipe 2 inot 1 v&h with a new fuel pac and a big sucker air cleaner it was doing good then i had new cams put in screamin eagle 255 and my gas went from 185 mil to a tank down to 130 a tank can anyone tell me why that would be and what the problem is does not seem normal to me. Thx

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    IF you can say (compute) the miles per gallon here, it would work better.
    Not going by the tank but just the amount of fuel and the miles you went before you filled.

    Metric and me don't work well together on fuel understanding.

    The fuel pac is probably the culprit here. No Idea on how to work with that.

    I have a 96" 09 FLHR and have V&H slip-ons and SE air filter. SE 255 cams using the Dobeck Gen4. I get 42 at the least and 45/47 average on my gen4 settings @ 14.5 here in Az. High altitude area.

    Before the gen4 using Dobeck TFI, same other mods, exhaust, air, se255 cams, I ran a constant 42 MPG.