New Cam Chain Tensioner Option??

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  1. Slo-Ryd

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    While doing a Google search this morning for TC88 upgrades, I came across this. Sounds interesting for those on a budget not wanting or being able to do the full hydraulic conversion. Could this just be another band-aid though..........any thoughts or has this been covered, used, tryed, myth busted?

    harley davidson chain tensioners
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Interesting, might be the way to go.
  3. Webbtron

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    I believe Wannaride posted on this something to do with the instructions being wrong. Hopefully he'll catch this thread. Other than that this whole flawed design confuses me...honestly all I truely understand is that your crank can't runout more than a couple of thousandths if you want to go gears and there is no way to determine how long they'll last. My method of cutting every oil filter in half only identifies a gradual wear..... not the situation where a chunk falls off.
  4. danoflhrci

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    I wouldn't want to try it without the tool cause you definitely wouldn't want to alter the tensioner in any way!!!!! I heard their shoes last longer & their gaskets are good! Personally, I bypassed the budget on this one & went with the SE hydraulic. Nice cam plate and bigger pump to boot.
  5. 90FXRS

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    I've been running a gear-drive for years. All that wearing of pads and chain-stretch stuff has been a thing of the past. Gear is the way to go. HD should make it standard.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    On my 2000 FXDS, (early 1/2 year with the needed replacement to a Roller bearing)
    I checked the ball style bearing on the Rear cam. YES it had the tin that held the Balls in-place and was CRACKED...

    Harley would only repair and replace IF it BLEW...

    I went with the gear drives as my run out on the crank was @.001...

    Looking at my shoes at that time showed Chipped pieces off and laying in the cam chest corner.

    I went with:
    replace the oil pump, delkron cam-plate, ss 570 gear drive cams.

    Head work, ported, flowed, larger valves, heavier springs (Manley), by Bob Gauge…

    I would have gone with the newer conversion to Hydraulic but that was NOT available. So I spent the Big Bucks.

    I do like that newer style of shoe. Yes it will wear but IF it doesn't CHIP it SHOULD last a long time.

    IF you want to save money, I'd go with the newer white shoe and Heck, It only takes a few minutes to take off the cam cover to LOOK at them again @15,000 more miles. (use the same cam-plate cover gasket if careful)

    The cam cover is just that "A COVER".

    Thought some one advertises that replacement for just a few $$ on an exchange with your old ones sent back after install...

  7. Webbtron

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    Screamin' Eagle® Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner and High-Flow Oil Pump Upgrade Kit

    This kit updates the cam chain tensioner of your Twin Cam 88® engine to the latest design, as featured on the Twin Cam 96™ engine. The billet cam support plate has been designed to allow the installation of the Twin Cam 96™ hydraulic cam chain tensioner to Twin Cam 88®-equipped models. These Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners will significantly outlast® the spring loaded tensioners, and are an ideal addition to an engine modified for improved performance. In addition, '02-'06 models utilize a Twin Cam 96 single row front roller chain and sprocket (included in kit). '99-'01 models use Original Equipment front silent chain and sprocket to retain the cam position sensor function. The kit includes an improved Screamin' Eagle® High-Flow Oil Pump that provides increased oil pressure at high-operating temperatures. This kit increases the oil supply by 23% and scavenging by 50% when compared to the '99-'05 Original Equipment oil pump, and reduces operating temperature of bearings to improve bearing life.


    Fits '99-'05 Dyna® models, '00-'06 Softail® models and '99-'06 Touring models. Installation requires separate purchase of Spacer Kit P/N 25285-08, Cam Service Kit P/N 17045-99D and Drive Gear Retention Kit P/N 25533-99A.

    MSRP US $499.95
    I found this kit I believe I need this and the Spacer kit, Cam Service kit and the drive gear Retension kit
  8. Slo-Ryd

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    I just ordered the kit you just mentioned Webbtron. Got it for $414 with free shipping from Kutter HD but I think they just raised their prices in the last couple of days. If it's something your looking to pick up also, hold off before you order anything else. I saw a post on another site where they said they ordered the Cam service kit (17045-99D Bearings & gaskets) and the 25284-11 conversion kit already had the bearings included, not sure about the gaskets though. I will post what is truly in the kit and what else I need when mine comes in later this week. I'm also going to do Andrews TW26's or SE203 or 204's also and these cam kits come with the bearings as well. Last thing I need is 3 sets of bearings.

    One thing I did learn is that I need to use TW21's with this Billet plate and not the "N" conversion cams. Good thing I hadn't pulled the trigger on the cams yet. I've held off on my choice making sure to leave myself possible options with whatever cam I end up using if I decide to go with a 95" BB later on. Woods TW-6 with a -4 degree gear would work as well and allow for later upgrades to displacement and/or compression changes.
    All these cam choices are making me nuts:newsmile105:

    Torrington B148's will go in as well as the Andrews EZ-Install PR's I have. The last thing will be a set of 2011 96" takeoff heads I scored for $100 with more than likely an .030 Cometic MLS gasket to finish it all off. The heads supposedly flow "marginally" better than my stock 03 88's but any improvement suits me fine for this budget build. It's funny, I had no intention of even doing anything at all to this one, having dumped enough into the Softail already, but it's a disease that I know will "always leave me craving for just a little more" no matter what I ride.
  9. wannaride

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    Yes the tensioner kit is great except for the instructions. [​IMG]
    As you can see the spring & the shoe are wrong in pic 1 along with the fact that the pin head won't fit in there tool to remove. The instructions say fip it over & peen the pin then after you flip the page of instructions the second pic is there. So far I have emailed them & have not heard anything back. Monday I will call & see if I can talk to someone about it. I blame myself for this mistake as well as them but I relied on there instructions. I ordered a new tensioner for my mistake but am going to use theirs on the rear one. I could have gone back together with it but figured the shoes & pins are about 20.00 shipped, why not just replace them since I am there. [​IMG]

  10. Webbtron

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    Great info that I understood thanks Al.... I had Andrews cams put in my Old 77 Sportster and liked how perky they were so I would lean that way for sure. Of course I haven't looked at the money for cams yet. I hear you about where to stop the modifications and it is a disease only cured by budget considerations. Gas mileage is overrated anyway.