New Bike to Me Carburetor Question

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by renop17, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. renop17

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    I'm looking to buy a 04' Heritage that is carburetated and this would be the first bike i buy that is carburetated. Any things i should know about carburetors or look at on the bike before purchasing?

    Thank you
  2. wilks3

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    If it starts easy, doesn't skip or miss out, and engine sounds and runs good warmed up its ok.
    Maintenence is change fuel filter at certain miles and keep good clean fuel in it. If you would after so time have to rebuild carb most guys here could talk you through it, provided you had service manual with pictures to make it easier. If you didn't trust yourself a dealer or indy mechanic shouldn't be that much for them to rebuild.
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  3. glider

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    There's not much more to be aware of with a carbed bike over FI other than cleanliness of the tank and associated parts. If it's kept clean by draining and flushing after a few years, you shouldn't have a problem with either system.