New Bike. Extended Warranty??

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by crazyanimal, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. crazyanimal

    crazyanimal Banned

    Hey guys,we just bought new bikes,just waiting for the nice weather to show up,plus my bike has'nt been delivered yet,hope so soon.What do you guys think of the extended warrenty plan,it is expensive,mine was almost 2200.00 but it's bumper to bumper including tires,hitting pot holes running over a nail,etc,plus it's transferable if I decide to sell or trade at a much later date.I have heard of some horror stories,things blowing up just after their warrenty has expired,anyways,its done now just wondering what other riders felt about it.


  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    I lke the ESP and purchase it on all my bikes I do not like surprises JMO
  3. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Well worth the additional cost.
  4. 2003FXDX

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    Just curious. How much time does that $2200 extend it? My 2 cents, extended warranty programs usually work in favor of the people selling them but if you can afford it and want the peace of mind, go for it! Just be sure you pay attention to all the fine print and don't do whatever voids it.
  5. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    50 dollar deductable takes you out 4-5 years well worth it IMO The way I ride Hard and every day:s
  6. Cyclops

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    $2200 seems a little high, but you didn't mention the number of years. Seems to me it was around $1600 for 5 additional years for a 09 Ultra Classic. Maybe it's cheaper when you negotiate such in the original purchase. Not sure. JMO
  7. Breeze3at

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    I have never paid for an extended warranty, and never regretted it. None of my bikes have ever been inside of a dealers building after sale either. I have read many posts where the E.W. more than paid for itself. Like the saying "Ya pays yur money and takes yur chances". I will admit I've been lucky.
  8. crazyanimal

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    Sorry I forgot some little tidbits on info.I paid 2200.00 Canadian for 7 years bumper 2 bumper,not including brake pads,normal wear and tear.Just for instance,I asked my sales rep say my front tire is staring to wear down and because of this I pick up a small nail,he said the dealer with work with me because they themselves want the warrenty work,his words,it pays great,so if it can be worked out somehow then my tire would be replaced,all I pay is the 50.00 deductable.

    He gave me another example,he said a guy had left his ign on and it drained the battery,that type of thing would not be covered.

    Thanks for all the replys.
  9. geezer

    geezer Senior Member Contributor

    Is $2200 for both bikes? I bought it for 3 extra years and hope I never need it. I figured if I hadn't bought it the bike would be in for repair every week.
  10. whocares

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    tires will be pro-rated by age and wear.