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    In a previous post I explained I was moving from the UK to Virginia. I have a dilemma and I figured ask all of you because you understand.
    I have a 2006 Road King Police, that I love; a rare bike in the UK. It has 2000 miles on the clock and was never actually served as a Police Bike. I have title deeds from Ohio prior to its export to the UK.
    I want to bring it with me to the States because I love it. However, a lot of people are saying don't bother buy another in the US. I want to ship it and to keep the cost down do the customs clearance myself.
    Am I mad? or does this make sense to you guys? Equally has anyone done this and can give me some good advice?
  2. 90FXRS

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    I see two sides to this and it's all based on how much you "love" the bike. First, it's a rare model in the UK. Might be able to sell it, get another one here, not have to mess with customs and come out ahead money-wise. Other's mine, I "love" it and I'm not selling it!!!!!!
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    Its been a long time, but in 85 I brought my Honda Silverwing back home from Japan. I was told what a huge waste of time it would be, that I would never be able to get it titled or licensed, and that it would be stuck in customs forever bla bla bla. I forget how long it took to show up after I got home but it was not too long, I got a call from Customs in Seattle. Which was about two hours from my house at the time. I got a ride down there. Showed my ID, rode away. I then brought the bike to vehicle licensing and showed all my paperwork and they sold me my registration. In about three weeks I had the title.
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    I lived in the UK for 11 years and had cars shipped over there and back here numerous times and never had any problems at all. So if you want to bring that bike with you then go ahead and do it.
  5. threesteps

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    If you want to keep your bike, by all means do it.

    By the way, years ago my wife and I were stationed in Japan. She adopted a stray cat. Yep, when we were ready to return to the U.S. I had to air ship the little "rat" to Oklahoma. Don't feel bad about shipping a bike.:D
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    Easiest way to solve this is let your wallet be the guide.:D
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    If the bike is that important, than I would ship it to the U.S. If bike has a Ohio title and a U.S. spec bike I would think with proper planning it should not be that big of deal. I understand the importance of certain bikes. I had one for 10 years and when purchased a new one in 2008 it took a year for me to really like the new one and forget the old. Best of luck in whatever you decide....

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My opinion for ME would be; If I wanted the bike and Just that bike... I would crate it up and ship....Doesn't matter how much$$ this or how much $$ that... I want that bike and NO value on the shipping would change my mind.

    Bike Value $$$$ LOVE

    Shipping Value $$

    these being compared are Not the Same...... Shipping to Me would not change the value of that bike.... Well Maybe just a little more on the LOVE side.


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    A second question...are you moving from the UK permanently? Sometimes a Harley is can be a "--gift that keeps on giving". You might offer it to one of your very closest family or friend who would "appreciate" it. I know it would be a hard thing...but prices and availability of such bikes ARE better here. There is a saying that "--the next best deal is just around the corner". As Smitty and others have said...owning an H-D is really an act of passion and not really a sensible exercise in dollars and sense...sad but true LOL!:D
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    LOL. Great advice. Not sure how much it solves the problem, but love that line!