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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Dieselhed, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Dieselhed

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    Go out to fire the bike and go for a ride. Crank but no fire. Bike is an '02 Duece so I get my homemade diagnostic test wire and hook it up and check the codes. 23-Front injector open/low/high 32-Alarm output high or Rear injector open/low/high 24-Front cylinder no combustion or intermittent combustion or front ignition coil high/shorted 63-ECM or TSSM serial data low/open/high

    Sooooo I'm thinking bad plug wire or something silly. Change plug wires out and boom. She starts right up. I shut it off and go in to get changed again to go for a ride. Come back out and crank but no fire! Same codes are still there. I don't have a code reader and I know it takes so many starts to clear them but the bike won't start. Any ideas?
  2. 90FXRS

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    So the original codes are still there. Are ther any new ones? I'm wondering if the coil might be the culprit. Are you getting anything out of the coil? Checked the wiring for something loose?
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    02 model have you looked here Harley Davidson Community
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    Let it sit for a day and tried to start it the next day. Fired right up. Started it 3 times since then with no problems. I did pull the tank and fuel line and have the headlight unplugged for a day while I was working on it so maybe that had somethng to do with it. Gonna go get the codes cleared and see if they come back.