Need some exhaust advice.

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    I have a 08' FLHX. My current set up is stock exhaust with 4" slash cut rush slip-ons. I always wanted rinehart true duals. I am so sick of the stock exhaust that I couldn't wait any longer so I had to do something. Since I don't quite have the extra cash at the moment for rineharts I decided to order some Vance and Hines dresser duals. That way I can put my rush slip-ons on the headers untill I get enough cash for rinehart slip ons. My question is did I jump the gun or will I still be pleased with v&h headers and rinehart slip-ons? Am I gonna be missing something if I don't go the whole true rinehart exhaust?
  2. HDDon

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    I have the V&H true duel headers and Python slip ons and really like the sound. The Rineheart true duel headers have, from what I can tell, the same bends as the V&H.
  3. Streetglider08

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    I read one post where a guy had rinehart true duals and sold the bike. On his next bike he got v&h dresser duals and rinehart slip ons and he was very disappointed. I'm just wondering if I should have waited. Or maybe I won't even notice.

    I also read that the rinehart headers is a 3 step header which gives more low end torque.

    The guy I spoke with at eastern performance said either header will be fine, but the vance& Hines has a nicer finish.
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    Rinehart has slip ons that go with OE head pipe and different mufflers for their true dual systems. They are not interchangeable. So yuo need to figure out what Rinehart mufflers will go with your V&H header. Be sure to research everything out as best you can...:s
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    Streetglider08; I'm going onto a 3rd exhaust w/my 09 FLHX (ceramic header + Rinehart pipes to Bub-7 TD's to MGS). Like any UG - exhaust selection is an art & you are the painter. I'd say you'll be pleased w/V&H header because they are great quality (affordable) w/good #'s. You might even like enough to keep w/the Rinehart pipes. I wanted to go w/TD (no cross-under) and slash-pipes to flow w/bags. MGS exhaust has everything I was looking for in their design so now it's time to see how they perform...
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    I'm looking at these too (MGS) for my 08. Let us know.........
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    May I ask, What is it you don't like about the stock exhaust (heat,sound, performance)?
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    All three for me. I changed after 1000 miles to V&H Dresser Duals and Khrome Werks mufflers. Last winter, in the search for more torque, (ride two up a lot) I went to a 68T rear sprocket, SE255 cams, and back to the stock header with 4" Jackpots. With the cams, the Jackpots are too loud for me. I'm getting old and not into loud anymore. Plus, I like the sound of true duals better, so I am considering throwing more money out the exhaust pipe for a new exhaust system!:p
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    hey guys, i have a 2009 ultra classic, just got it over the summer, my first harley, love it.
    previous owner installed V&H slash cut ovals, V&H fuel oak and did stage one,
    i want to get rid of the catalyic converter so i was thinking about the V&H dresser duels
    thinking about doing install myself
    any thoughts or advice
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    Here's the deal, if you go with the rinehart true duals you are stepping up to a 2" head pipe for a stock 96" motor that is too much pipe for me. In my opinion you'll be better off with the Vance and Hines with slip-ons as you will retain the 1 5/8 " head pipe wich is MORE than ample for a stock and or moderately modified motor. JMTCW