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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by nakkers, May 20, 2014.

  1. nakkers

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    OK Folks. Pulled the trigger and got the Roadster. She is pure stock, no mods.

    Took her out for a little boot to get used to things and a few mods will definitely be in order.

    Gonna need a backrest and seat for the missus. She is a bit nervous as the stock seat doesn't hold her in close like my old Sporty 2 up seat did.

    Doing things in stages so, do I go for the backrest with stock seat first and then seat or seat first? Likely looking at a Mustang Wide Touring one piece unit. Do any seats place you a little farther back? With the mid controls, I find the stock seat has me about an inch too far forward. I want to sit a little bit on the ridge of the stock seat back.

    Backrest, does anyone really detach the backrest? Or am I just cutting corners looking for a unit to install and leave it?

    Recommendations for backrest that are comfortable and look good? Some are short and small and may keep her from sliding off but, are they worth it? Just bite the bullet and get something a little taller to help with comfort?

    Of course budget will be a consideration. If it wasn't, I would have got something else a little more suitable.

    Lastly, the mid controls are fine but, I'd like to get forward foot rest and leave the mid controls. Pros/Cons? Would it be better to get a highway bar and some foot pegs?

    My 2001 Custom had forward controls and worked great. I'd rather keep what I have and work with it instead of swapping things out. Recommendations for forward pegs that don't include controls?

    The suspension is going to need an upgrade during the winter. Front and rear. For now, just swapping out the fork oil and living with things.

    Did I mention I'm working on a budget?

    Anyways, your input and help are appreciated.



    PS. I'll also be keeping an eye open for some screaming eagle slip ons too.

    Oh boy! So it begins!!!! lol

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  2. STEVE07

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    Glad you got it Sean. :D
    As for the seat and backrest go to a dealer and use the program they have for trying seats on your ride. You don't have to buy the seat but it will give you an idea of what style fits both of you comfortably. As far as forward pegs to rest your feet I have a pair of frame mount extensions I took off of the FXRS. You can have them. You know where I am.
  3. nakkers

    nakkers Active Member

    Excellent! Thank again Steve.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    CONGRATS.... That is a Beauty...

    I kept my UNComfortable stock low slung Beautiful seat on my 06 Roadster... I put on a full set of Python exhaust... My body wishes I would have put on a softer bigger seat and so did my wife... She felt safe as I did buy a Quick detachable tall back rest... No feeling of her sliding off that stock seat with it against her back...

    I do have the 09 King with a mustang seat and WE ride it more 2 up together than on the sport.

    Good luck with the planned backrest for the wife...Important to keep the Lady happy...


    I also put on the front crash bar to support the foot rest.. Comfortable... and a quick luggage rack for the T bag ... All comes off to look like a bike again... (SMILE)
  5. nakkers

    nakkers Active Member

    Thanks Bubbie. Much appreciated.
  6. fin_676

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    I have had a few different seats on my sportster till I got the one that works for me I have never taken the sissy bar off after fitting it I just kept visiting ebay till the right items came up at a price I was willing to pay for them I did get the mount plates for the sissy bar new from hd and they came with all the mounting hardware but the bar and backrest were sourced from ebay as were the seats and many other parts

  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Expert Member

    Good on you Sean, I found my Mustang seat puts me a bit further back tho it is a solo seat, they are spebdy but well worth it. You have a nice bike and a cutie pie for a MRS:D
  8. Bodeen

    Bodeen Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Congrats on the new ride Sean! My vote is to buy cheap used seats and backrests until you find what works. Usually you can get your money back out of it if bought used. If you hate it, sell it. Buying brand new, you'll have to love it.
  9. nakkers

    nakkers Active Member

    Great advice as always. Thanks again. Think a visit to the dealer is on the agenda to check out what they have for seats to start out with.

    It will all come about in good time.

  10. BUBBIE

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Maybe by then, it will WARM up a little more for you also...

    From Sunny Az.:D