need help with installation and adjustment of push rods on 77 iron head

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    I have tryed doing it by the service tech book called clymer for sportsters 1959-1985. My bike is a 77 Iron head. I had a head gasket that went bad. I replaced the head gaskets and the rocker boxes gaskets as well. I used 65 ft. lbs. of torques for the cylinderhead and 20 ft. lbs of torques for the rocker arm covers. SO when I went to start the bike, it would not start what so ever. Please can any one help me, is there some thing that I might have forgoten to do or may need to recheck. Thank you for your time in reading my problem and I hope that this may help some one when they may need the info.
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    When you say it will not start, have you checked for fuel and spark to see what you are lacking?
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Do you have compression?
  4. lewis

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    yes the bike was able to start and run very well, but now it will not start at all. thank you for your replay


    yes there is compression and to what is going on i am stumped
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