Need help diagnosing shifting problems

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by prider337, Oct 4, 2009.

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    I recently got this bike and have been having problems shifting from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear either downshifting or upshifting. I have to give it some gas to get it into gear. More gas from 1st to 2nd versus 2nd to 3rd the same when downshifting. At a completely stop at the light, I have to give it a good kick into 1st gear or gas it. I have never been able to find neutral while the motor is running.

    I have changed the oil in the primary and transmission and have also adjusted the clutch following the technics described both in the manual and described by glider. The adjustment and the oil change did improve the problem but it has not fixed it. Now I only have to gas it from 1st to 2nd. What should I do check next?

    I have a 1999 with a 1340cc motor with a delkron case and Rev Tech 5 speed transmission.

    I did read somewhere that this was the 1st year of the counter balance motor and that the transmission that was married to this engine did not shift properly because it need the vibration to work, giving it gas fixed the problem. I dunno if this is a myth.

    Has anyone heard of this problem before?

    I wanna fix it myself but if I can't I might have to take it in for servicing and spend $$$. Any recomendations for a good mechanic in the Los Angeles area.

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  2. SledDog

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    Sounds like bent shifter forks...

    Double check your clutch adjustment, but having to kick it into first, the clutch is probably not your problem, check it anyway.

    Do you have this problem with the motor off?
  3. prider337

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    I just went to check-with the bike off I can't shift it past 2nd gear.
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    Prider; 2000 was the first year of the counterbalanced "Twin Cam" engine. If you have Delkron cases it should be a "Evolution" style motor, not twin cam. Do you know how to identify Evo vs. Twin Cam engines? It does sound like a shift fork problem.

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    Difficulty shifting seems to be a common problem. I have an 85 FLHTC and have some problems myself. I am stock piling parts to address it this winter. Here is what I am planning to do.

    Change the Primary and Trans fluids to the ones recommended on this site

    Change the Clutch plates and Spring plate (currently have 80,000 on them)

    Install a HB125 Hydraulic Primary chain tensioner

    If I still have problems then I saw a kit for the 5 speed that has all the forks, springs etc

    While I am at it I saw a product called Balance Masters that you can install on the Clutch and is supposed to reduce vibration but not sure if it will help with shifting and I'm not sure if I want to take the vibration away.

    Hope it helps