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    2010 flh standard with a sony radio and 5 1/4 sony speakers, middle of the sony price range.going down the road at 60 mph i have to turn the radio volume up to 37 out of 50 to barely here the music.anymore and the speakers break up.already have bad hearing so thats the main problem.will a amp and better speakers get this to where i dont have to turn the volume up so much and be loud enough for me to hear the music?i guess thats how amps work but i dont know.i just need more volume!dont mind putting amp in saddlebag and spending the money for speakers but i want it right the first time.
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    I'm not a audiophile (?) but I read an interesting piece on the Hogtunes website "why not car speakers on a bike?" Go to the site and read it. It may save you money in the long run.
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    Hog Tunes and Hog Wired are two companies who sell amps and replacement speakers for Harleys. Check them both out. I have several friends who have used car audio shops and have had very good results for a lot less than the above, however, so shop around and check out other bikes and ask the owners what equipment they have under the fairing!!!
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    Hogtunes amp/speaker combo and the Tweeter Pod is going to make you smile all day long! Amp goes in the fairing on top of the stock radio so it doesn't have to take up any space in your saddlebag.


    I have the same problem, very poor hearing. On my new '09 electra glide classic, i had to turn my completely stock sound system almost all the way up on the highway just to hear most of what was being played. I blew the left channel, low frequency driver out before the bike was 6 months old. I went and bought the j+m 7.25 inch, 3-way speakers off ebay. These sounded way better than stock and i paid right around $225 for them, they might be cheaper now. They are also claimed to handle more power which means i can and will add an aftermarket amp/eq, if i can find a 2-ohm stable piece. If not, i'll settle for a 4-ohm amp/eq. And just add resistors to the speakers. I want the eq to tweak out that boxey sound that these speakers seem to have. I felt $225.was very pricey for stamped steel frame, chinese made speakers, but they look nice and sound nice and in the end i didn't have to do a lot of hit or miss research fitting other aftermarket speakers. The stock speakers are also 2 ohm just like the j+m's. Good luck finding 2 ohm car speakers.the lower the ohms the louder the music will sound. But it places a heavier load on the amp. If you intend to use an amp or booster/equalizer with the head unit, be careful, some aftermarket car amps will run hot or burn up at 2 ohms. The j+m's also come with a black grill that has a silver tweeter and silver midrange in it, one for each side of course. One special part included is a set coupling adapter rings to go from the stock 5.25 inch to the 7.25 inch j+m, i looked for this ring by itself on the internet and couldn't find it. I found some that adapted 6.75 inch speakers. This allows you to use any automotive speakers you wish as long as they are not too big[deep] which would prevent you from getting the fairing back together. The j+m speakers were descibed in the various reviews i read, as being "boxey sounding" this was what i heard as well. Long story short it is now better sounding and i can hear it a little better on the highway. I still have to crank it but soon i intend to put a pyramid 506vl booster/equalizer in the fairing. I'll tweak this to get rid of that boxey sound and than hide it in the fairing. I'm not sure if the pyramid is 2-ohm stable so i may need to add resistors to the speakers, no big deal. I just don't want my fairing to start on fire out on the highway. These are not audiophile grade components but at the same time i'm not sitting in my front room listening to a $10,000 hi fi system.
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    One word - "HogTunes" - trust me & I've been around jets so hearing loss is documented...;)


    I made a mistake on the model number on the amp/eq, it's not a pyramid 506 vl it's a 906 vl
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    did you ever install the amp/equalizer? if so how does it sound?
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