Need assist troubleshooting EFI 02 FLSTCI

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    My bike was running fine one day until I stopped. About an hour later getting back on my bike it wouldn't start. I did try to jump it with my car, at the time not knowing you shouldn't do that. Got it back home. Put the Harley trickle charger on it. Tried to start unsuccessfully. Took the air cleaner off and sprayed starting fluid inside. The bike would start for about a second. Obviously I am having fuel delivery problems. I am not too familiar with EFI though and so I don't know where to start looking.

    Whats interesting though is that sometimes when I turn by bike on my fuel tank gauge will light up with a weird sequence. For instance the first light will light red indicating that there is an empty tank but then the 3rd and fourth light will light up blue. The 2nd light will not light up at all. Could be a faulty gauge but I mention it because I wonder if its possible to have an electrical problem as well??

    I was just looking for some advice on where to start troubleshooting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also worth mentioning is that when I turn on the bike and you can hear fuel being shot into the tank. I know that thats normal but my first question is why does that happen? Also I have noticed that that fuel shooting sound isn't as strong as i remember it.
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    Check the self help section for code activation for your bike, sounds like the pump is trying to come on, did it act up like this before you jumped it?
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    I spent the entire day troubleshooting and this is what I have come up with. I pulled the tank and and took the fuel pump out. I applied direct current from the battery to the fuel pump tabs. I disconnected the fuel line from the fuel injectors so that fuel could flow freely. I put the fuel pump into a bucket of gas, however it was still connected to the tank, it was just outside of the tank. When I applied the current to the fuel pump, gas sprayed out from that that line that feeds the fuel injectors. I then reassembled the tank with the fuel pump inside and hooked all the electrical back up. I turned the ignition on so that I was giving the fuel pump current but no gas came out of the line. I tried to fire it up and it would turn but no gas would come out of this line. I assume at this point that the problem is not fuel related but is now an electrical issue. Also I replaced all the fuses in the little fuse box under the seat except for the one marked system relay as Harley didn't have that one in stock. I am attaching a picture of the plate that sits on top of the tank. It has three wires. One Black, one orange and one yellow. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which two feed the fuel pump as I want to test the load on those wires tomorrow. I would look for myself but its a real pain pulling the fuel pump and even worse trying to put it back in.

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