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    2000 Fatboy, stage 1, runs well and otherwise stock except.... Previous owner had it lowered for his wife. Seems to be a little bit of a rough rider. In fact, I went from a very nice Corbin seat back to the stock seat in hopes of not feeling every bump in the road. My question: has anyone one gone back to stock from a lowering kit and if so, what improvement did you get ride-wise. Thanking you in advance for any feedback.
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    There's a very noticable difference in ride between lowered and stock height. Enough so after having a lowered SE Deuce that I went to a Road king just basically for a better ride.

    If you lucked out, you may find someone that wants to lower his softail and could swap parts with them.

    Try posting in the want section of the forum and see if you get any hits.

    Parts Wanted - Harley Davidson Community
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    Both front and rear lowered or just the rear?
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    How was the bike lowered? Were the shocks replaced or simply repositioned? The reason I ask is because when I bought my bike the previous owner had installed some lowering brackets which repositioned the stock shocks about an inch to the rear, thus lowering the bike about an inch. I was able to simply remove these brackets and reinstall the shocks in the original position.
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    I need to look into this more thoroughly but as far as I know the front was not lowered and the shocks were replaced. Fortunately I can contact the original owner and find out exactly what was done. I'm average height so I don't need the lower seat, but I have a multiple surgery back and it needs all the comfort it can get in a ride. Thanks for the comments...more to come.