Need advice on the 203 cam, etc.

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    Need some advice from our experts here.

    My Dyna is in for a few upgrades and what started out as minor repairs. The primary chain seemed to be loose and was hitting the case, some backfiring on starting, and the splines on the mid shifter were worn to the point of being sloppy. I've opted to have the primary pulled and whatever problem in there fixed, the mids replaced with the reduced reach forward controls (29" inseam), and the painted/aluminum covers replaced with the chrome kit.

    I'm 66 yeas old and intend to keep the FXD for another four years. Its just a basic '07 Dyna, now four years old with 53+k miles, and its running gear is bone stock. A Stage 1 and/or the 103 kit are very remote options. Oil has been the Spectro semi 20w50, HD filter, and changed every 4k - 5k miles. The last 5k have been with Mobile 1 for V-twins, however. I ride solo, take several long weekend trips a year plus at least one ride to see the kids on either coast (from Phoenix to either Seattle or the Boston area), local breakfast runs, errands, etc. MPG is ~44 town, ~49 highway, and we pass about as many cars as pass us.

    While up on the lift at the indy shop I took a look. The primary chain is loose and is wearing part of the outer cover, the tensioner looked OK, and we could not see all the sprocket teeth. Essentially, this is what I expected at this point and the rest of the setup will be pulled and inspected. The cam cover is also off, and here is the problem.

    The outer tensioner shoe is worn about 3/32" and the rear cam exhaust lobe shows wear with scrape-like marks as if the hardening is gone. Looks like new shoes and new cams, the wrench said he would put in the 203 cams.

    Do you think the 203 would be a good choice? From what I've read it was intended for the 88 ci Twin Cams so will it fit an '07 96 ci? The descriptions say it comes on at the lower RPMs, which seem to fit my riding style. And, should the inner cam bearings be replaced? What about the lifters?

    The cost is starting to add up but is still within budget. Just don't want this to get out of hand.

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    Definitely yes to the cam bearings and I would also opt for the lifters with your mileage.

    With the descriptions in the SE Catalog and your lower end RPM riding style I would say the better options for a cam would be either the SE254E or SE255 over the SE203 cam.

    SE -203 CAM KIT
    Bolt-in performance cams designed to provide exceptional
    midrange torque. Installation does not require
    any headwork or performance valve springs and will
    work well with stock or mildly ported heads. Peak power
    occurs around 5500 R PM. Works well with displacements
    up to 96 cubic inches. For race application only.
    25937-99B $299.95
    Fits ’99-’05 Dyna®, ’00-’06 Softail® and
    ’99-’06 Touring models.

    SE -254E C am Kit
    This cam provides great low-end torque along with
    good midrange. A good “all-around” cam, the SE-254E is a good match for a Dyna, Softail or light Touring bike
    - Road King®, Street Glide® or Road Glide® Custom -
    when the aggressive rider desires a little more top-end
    horsepower. In a 0-60 sprint or 1/4 mile drag race, the
    SE-254E-equipped model would pull ahead of an identical
    model with a SE-255 cam.
    25503-10 $299.95
    Fits ’06-later Dyna and ’07-later Softail and Touring Models

    SE -255 CAM KIT
    The ultimate in torque cams, this cam offers substantial
    increase in low-end torque for engines up to 110 cubic
    inches with compression ratios up to 10 to 1. T he lowend
    torque increases are great for heavy bikes or for the
    person who routinely shifts below 4500 R PM and wants
    the power available to pass without downshifting. T he
    cam still makes peak power above 5000 R PM so people
    with lighter bikes will enjoy the torque increases without
    feeling like the bike runs out of air at higher engines
    speeds. T hese cams are used in the ’07-later street-legal
    103 Stage II Kits and the 110 Stage I Kits. Compression
    releases may be required depending on displacement
    and compression ratio.
    25638-07 $299.95
    Fits ’06-later Dyna, and ’07-later Softail and
    Touring models.
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    Thanks, JJJ,

    Going with the 203 along with bearings and lifters as required. We're also pulling the heads for a general check-out of them and the cylinders.

    Will post when complete, with photos.