Need advice--Bike hit by a vehicle

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DarinDan, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. DarinDan

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    Rode to work today and park in a designated parking spot. Truck backed into my motorcycle. Truck's hitch hit my tire and pushed my motorcycle back about 6 inches. No paint damage but did leave a mark on my tire. Front fender was not centered over my tire as well. Took it for a ride and I had to move the handle bar slightly over to the right to keep it straight. Called the dealership to see what they thought. Discussed damaged wheel bearings, steering head bearing and a possibility of a bent rim. Question is should I investigate anything else? Do I need to replace the tire due to it having a tube? Tire only had a mark on the sidewall where the hitch hit but did not see any other damage. Dealership suggested new tire. The gentlemen is trying to decide if he wants to pay for it out of pocket or go through insurance. Police report was accomplished just to cover in case something happens. Forks did not have any damage. I think it is simply wheel bearings needing replaced. Any help or experience would be helpful.
  2. bc45

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    I would haved it looked at, The fender not being centered and haveing to counter steer would indicate poss fork tube slighty bent,The fender is bolted to the fork tubes so if it is not centered after it got hit iether one of the fork tubes got moved.
  3. Fossil

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    With a police report in hand and doubt as to the safety of the bike. I would call MY insurance and tell them. I don't know what insurance rules are in your state so the truck driver may skip out on paying. I would not be a nice guy and risk my safety. Call first thing Monday or tonight if you can.
  4. SeaRider04

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    If they hit my truck, I might let it go easy but if they hit my bike and pushed it that much away, I'd go all the way to get my bike taken care by the pros. Remember, Bikes only have two wheels.
  5. Rubyred

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    You absolutely need to have it looked at by the pros and get the truck owner to pay for it. Please don't blow this off this is a safety issue, Your safety!
  6. Knotwillig

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    I think it is simply wheel bearings needing replaced. probably would be the last thing to check to my opinion. If the fender is not in line you should check why. If you ride your bike on a straigth road and loosen your hands the bike should drive straigth and not try to bend.
  7. Iceman24

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    DarinDan; no matter if the vehicle driver wants to go through his insurance, or not - best to get bike thoroughly assessed by HD. I always use the rule of three (three separate dealerships) and compare. In the end, you still have option to get your insurance involved, but see how the damage reports compare & work w/the culprit on solution. If they start to act fishy - straight to insurance I go...good luck!
  8. gator508

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    I will echo what others have said i.e, get your bike checked out by HD, they are the pros and should be able to determine the extent of any damage. You are lucky a police report has been filed. Here in AL if an accident occurs in a parking lot it is considered private property and no report will be filed. Good luck!
  9. Fishinfever

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    Safety, safety always first on a motorcycle !

    Change everything in question, forks,tire,rim,and bearings. He's insurance will pay for the damage. It's your safety and peace of mind while riding.
  10. FLST

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    In my pre Harley days a man backed into my less than 7 day old Honda. He wanted to pay out of pocket for it. I considered it but the dealer gave me a one thousand dollar estimate for it. The guy was a stranger and I know that when it comes to money some people are not a nice as they are about other things. If you don't know the person who did this my opinion would be to pursue the insurance angle and have the dealer give her a complete check out. Never guess with safety.