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    Met RK, Bubbie, and Tank at the Arizona Meet and Greet (see their group photo). Didn't join them for their ride as riding buddy Dave and I planned a trip along old Hwy 66 west from Flagstaff to the Colorado River.

    Flagstaff was as cold as a mother-in-law's kiss and the clouds were rumbling as we picked up 66. We stopped in Bellemont at the Harley dealer, where not much was going on, and found the No-Vacancy motel from the Easy Rider movie. From there we caught the bits of 66 paralleling I-40, rode through Williams and Ash Fork, and into Seligman.

    These towns were dying in the 1980's, and a barber in Seligman, Angel Delgadillo, launched the movement to reactivate interest in the 'historic' Route 66. His place in Seligman is active selling kitchy nicknacks and businesses up and down the street were open and apparently thriving. Tour buses were parked around and tourists lined up to buy stuff. The ice cream place has a "Sorry, We're Open" neon sign.

    Too late in the early evening to stop at other touristy places along 66, we stayed over in Kingman. Back on 66 we rode to Oatman, the semi-active mining and ghost town known for its wandering burro population. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned at the Oatman Hotel, which presumably was a bit fancier in its day.

    From there, south along the Colorado River, stopping at the London Bridge, then inland to home. Arrived home at dusk after 601 miles with no bike problems; we were thankful for tour electric vests, however,

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    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a good time.