Nation wide helmet law ???

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  1. maine-e-axe

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    The US government is pushing all states to put in a helmet law!!! In Easyriders Magazine there's an article that in 2009 the NHTSA reports that 16% drop in motorcyclist fatalities despite a 5% increase in miles traveled and 4.5% increase in the number of motorcycles on the road. Does that make sense??? or do they think that we can't THINK for our SELF.:USA ??? What's it coming too ???
  2. trvlr

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    Unfortunately there are always people out there that think "they" know what it best for everyone else. There was a bike trail where I last lived and I was riding my bicycle without a helmet (never wear one on a bicycle) and had no hands on the handlebars as I was peddling. I passed this gal coming from the opposite direction on her bike, and she looked me dead square in the eyes and said "NOT SMART" !!! I had never seen this woman before. I quipped back..."YOU WOULD KNOW WOULDN"T YOU".

    There out there and unfortunately they've kinda weasled their way into the school system, the court and judicial systems in this country. And they try to pass all this stuff in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Next thing you know, you've got a helmet law. George Washington is probably rolling over in his grave lol
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Support your local Abate so they can lobby against this, strength in numbers:s
  4. maine-e-axe

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    Long time member of United Bikers of Maine (thats all we have up here) Jack, but our (Maine) SHOPPING QUEENS in DC are a lot like my wife, they think they have to tell me what to do and when to do it. But I don't have to live with them thank God, if you ever seen Olympia Snow you would know what I mean, looks like the wicked witch of the east and Susan Collins sounds like Charlie Browns teacher talking threw her nose. Never rode a bike but telling me how to ride one. I guess you can't fix STUPID.:newsmile042:
  5. doug rooney

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    Been putting it off way too long I guess cuz I belong to a bunch of things like vFW,DAV,Legion, etc and don't like meetings anyways but....ABATE, I'm in!
    This kind of stuff makes my blood boil and it's out of hand. FIGHT!!!!
    Abate fought like crazy to get that helmet law repealed years ago here in Wi so it's time I got on board.
  6. Iceman24

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    You got to ask yourself - why would I put wearing a helmet, or not wearing a helmet between me & my ride? If helmets were mandated - would you stop riding?

    30+ years ago when I was young & not as wise I probably would've answered differently, but I've been wearing helmets (mostly FF) for the past 20-years so now it's just like the seatbelt law - I don't drive away without it on...
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  7. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    Some prefer full face, some wear 3/4, I wear a 1/2 shell (most of the time), and some choose none...

    It's all about choice...
  8. gator508

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    It's a shame the feds waste our tax dollars pushing a law like this when its really up to us to decide if we helmet or not helmet. Personally, I will always wear one and always have.
  9. kemo

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    I have to agree with Iceman, would you stop riding if you had to wear a helmet. Helmets have required in Ontario and most of Canada since about 1966. I still enjoy taking the helmet off occasionally when riding in some states.
  10. Dr.Evil

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    Wait! Wait! one more minute, here it comes! Yes, yes that's it, MICHIGAN finaly repealed their helmet law. What's this you say, theres a federal law now. DOH!