myth: motorcycle repair costs are high

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    many articles (likely by competitors) are being posted. so let me briefly debunk that myth:

    1) are more fun and cheaper to buy

    2) because a motorcycle is "smaller" or costs less (ie, weighs less) doesn't mean all parts will cost less at your door: size doesn't matter quality is what costs end-to-end. it's not a fair comparison to say "should cost less"

    3) motorcycle parts are often far cheaper, or same price. and many are made-in-USA

    4) most anything but rear tires has a lower labor hour charge - about anything is in hands reach - there are exceptions going both ways though. in general bikes are a time savers, require less special tools and lifts, etc

    5) no one said a good harley experience is cheaper than a Corolla that passes inspection (passes only because one knew of a shop that cheated on inspections)

    6) are gas saving. the cost of fuel today forget the repair cost you save $100/wk + on fuel at least (depending on model) wihtout payign $80,000 for electric.

    i will say: the heavy good made in usa quality, simple and stable, will save you over an asian bike with thousands of parts to diagnose and repair endlessly

    if a harley has things that need attention a little more often - it's more to keep them performing excellently

    motorcycles are not really for lazy commuters who wish to know nothing or gain no skill no one said they are: and infact these people don't buy them - not due to lack of knowing cost - due to they wouldn't bother with (the training), for one thing.

    that's a little political ^^ but someone had to post at least one article point out all these new "motorcycles are too expensive" are just ads by people selling cars
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    Its all relative and what you can afford.... But motorcycles definitely are not cheap transportation any more. There as if a full fledge motor vehicle now a days..... Sheesh
    Tomorrow I am going for a ride and figure 2 tanks of gas round trip. That equals almost $50.00 just for gas...... Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth having a road bike....... Its getting to be a expensive hobby. :bigsmiley15:

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    I HAVE An ADDICTION.... So No Matter how much it cost I Need My HOG...

    Thankfully my Dad Injected HD via way of a BIG Syringe when I was a Wee Lad...:worthy

    Thank you Dad...:D

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    Everything is expensive anymore. If you really think about it. I choose not too.
    I will ride my bike, drive my gas guzzling truck, turn on the air when it is hot and the heat when it is cold. Bikes are actually a cheap form of transportation, but that isn't why I ride a bike. If a person is thinking of economics they should ride a scooter or better yet an Ebike.
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    If cost and possible future costs of repairs and fuel are a major concern, Perhaps the wonderful world of 2 wheels is not for you.
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    I enjoy the challenge of repairing my own motorcycles and have a suitable shed set up with the tools I need for most repairs therefore the cost of repairs are for the parts and tools only
    My nearest dealer is 200 miles it would take 8 to 10 hours round trip to trailer the bike to the dealers and the same again to collect with trailer I would use around 50 litres of fuel for each trip at £1.43 per litre that is about £143.00 cost just for fuel if I factor in cost of my time at £15.00 per hour based on what my boss pays me that could be £300.00 in time
    So that gives me an approximate cost of £443.00 before any work starts
    As I have evo engined bikes and have had them for a few years now I have most of the specialised tools that I need and it is my hobby to work on bikes so bikes are cheaper to repair however if I took to dealer may be more expensive
    I have never had a car repair bill over£1k

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    I do all the work on my bikes myself. Along with my other motorized vehicles (trucks, cars, and a SUV).

    I feel as if I bought it, I'm the one that needs to make sure it is safe on the road and I learn a lot at the same time.

    The labor rates around where I live cost $80 to as much as $110 per hour.

    I completely rebuilt the front and read suspension on my '07 Jeep Compass. $1,300 in parts. If I were to do the book hourly rate ($90 at the dealer), I'd be looking at footing a $2,000 labor bill, so like $3,300 to do the whole job at a dealer... I see why people throw away cars and trucks these days.

    It's just like lawn mowers... I can't believe people just throw them away when they don't start, and a simple $20 or less part, or something just needs cleaning to make it run like new. I've made so much money in the past few years just fixing and selling lawn mowers on CL.