My fingers tingle - suggestions?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by futurerider, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. futurerider

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    Hello everyone,

    Need you advise, again :D.

    When I ride, my fingers go numb, like when your arm or leg goes to sleep from a lack of circulation. It starts at the tips and works back until all of my fingers seem like they are not there. It gets to a point that I really cannot feel them. This is not only uncomfortable, but obviously dangerous. I would probably not be able to ride if it were not for the cruise control that allows me to rest my right hand also.

    It is more severe if I have not ridden for a for a while, like after winter, or if a week or two goes by without ridding. If I ride consitantly for a few days it gets better and better to a point that it takes and hour or more for it to happen. It also seems to be more severe if I am ridding on a twisty road, even for a short distances.

    My thought is that the handle bars might need to be replaced with something taller, maybe even larger hand grips, but I am not sure and would appreciate your input on what to do.

    I seem to fit the bike well, I am comfortable in every other respect but this one, and do not have to reach too far for a full lock turn, my feet are flat on the ground at a stop. I do notice that as I ride, I tend to lean further and further forward as the day goes on, hense the riders back rest.

    I know this is a very tough for anyone to give an absolute correct answer, but I am trying to see if I am on the correct path and really appreciate you opionons and advise.

    I am 6'-2", 270lbs. I ride a 2009 RK, all stock, adjustable riders backrest, highway pegs, mirror extensions (because I could not see around my shoulders with the stock mirrors).

    Thanks alot.
  2. R. Lewis

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    Have you tried to adjust your stock bars forward or back towards you yet?
  3. fisherman124

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    id try moving the bars so u dont have to reach so far for them . that worked for me
  4. sprinklerfitter669

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    I know when i test rode the RK demo stock, i did not feel rigth, that is why i switched to the heritage bars. They are higher, and i can adjust them forward or backwards if needed. I moved mine forward and have no problems, with back pai, or my arms, of hands.
    I am 6'-2" as well
    Cheap fix, for $80. for the bars.
  5. Troy1225

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    I had the same problem with my 2008 Road King. My hands would go numb with any extended riding.

    I switched to the Road King Highbars (Chrome High Handlebar) #56180-08 and haven't had any hand problems since. These bars do not require clutch or brake cable extensions and do not require wire extensions if wired externally. The Heritage bars seem to be another popular replacement bar but I've had no experience with them.
  6. vonsace

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    I don't know if will help but I had the same problem and bought the palm throttle for 10.00 and helped out.
  7. Breeze3at

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    I also get the numb/tingling fingers. It has happened since I was a young, slender and in very good condition. Like you, the more I ride, the less it happens, or longer it takes. I have also used a throttle rocker with good results. I flex my fingers or take my hand off and shake it. I think subconsciously I may be gripping the bars to tight (it happens with left hand occasionally).
  8. HarryB737

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    2-suggestions... 1-loosen your grip, you may be holding on too tightly.
    2-Consider cushioned grips IE Kuryakin style.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My thoughts..

    ask your doctor #1

    #'s 2

    If you have poor blood circulation it will affect the fingers.
    If you have Had Frost bite ... the same.
    If you Grip too tight (My problem)
    If you don't wear proper Gloves (too tight= cold with no circle.)
    If BARS are too High. Loss of blood in fingers

    I would agree with Breeze
    I just added my opinion and approach..

    Hope you find a good Answer that Helps.... Real Bummer when you have that problem!

  10. Vegas Sam

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    I have corpal tunnel (SP?) in both wrists, I have had surgery on one hand. I get the same tingling in the hand that needs to be operated on. I can drop that arm and within a few minutes the tingling is gone, but it will return after both arms have been on the handlebars for about a half hour. As Bubbie suggests "ask your doctor first".