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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. BuffaloBill

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    Hey Guys and gals

    I hope I do not get a lot of slack BUT a co-worker just recieved some extra money and has been asking me about my bike (09 Ultra) During coffee breaks I always mention how I truly miss my Road King He is willing to give me 19K cash up front for the bike. I traded my 07 Electra Glide plus 6 K for the Ultra thinking I was going to retire and travel this year but my huge loss in 401K has changed my plans. I realy love the ULTRA but miss the Road King

    Here is my question theoraticaly I have 25K with all the upgrades stage 1, TFI, chrome, ect. I can get a 09 Road King out the door for $20,500

    I have 6K miles on the bike and the only drawback I have is I do not like the way the ULTRA looks with the Tour Pack

    So do I spend the 600.00 for the quick disconect or go for the Road King

    What do you think
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Stay positive - your 401K will come back eventually. Invest in the detachability of the tour pack IF that's truly the only thing you don't like about your Ultra. However, be honest with yourself - if you're just rationalizing the Ultra purchase by saying that, then follow your heart and get back on a Road King.
  3. larryjmiller

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    Go for the Road King!
  4. Bud White

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    I would say get the detachable mount and stay with ultra ..
  5. wildspirit97

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    If your planning on touring then the question is witch "ride" do you like the best, not witch "look". This really sounds like a question no one but you can answer .:s
  6. oldgeezer

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    If you get the road king then you will miss the ultra. I miss the sporty look of my rkc, I got a LOT more compliments on it. One day when I get through spending money to stretch my bags, extend my rear fender, change the front fender, custom paint including inner fairing, and make the tour pac detachable oohhh and my custom wheels 21 on from and 18 x 200 on back. Maybe I won't miss the king and maybe get a few compliments on the ultra.:D

    P.S. Help me pray that my wife doesn't find out what all these mods cost.:newsmile090:
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  7. Shifter

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    If the Road King is what you feel you want, tell him how much you have in the Ultra and that you will take $20,500, no less. That way, if he says no, then just go ahead and get the detachable mount and be happy with what you've got. It's all about what makes you happy!
  8. joel

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    I went through the same dilema, but I think the ultra is a great ride and put on over 10,000 miles the first year, but I missed the RKC we had, and after talking to the wife, who felt the same, we figured it out, we needed to be able to wash 2 bikes, now the real problem, which one do we take on our 3000 mile trip in June, cushy or cushier? good luck on your dilema, you will find the right answer, I know we did.
  9. Aces Full

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    Man, you sound like me, and about 25 of my friends....we all seem to look for an excuse to buy something different. The truth is, you don't need an excuse. If you really miss the RK that much, go for it. If you honestly want to be talked into something, the flexibility of the Ultra should be enough for you. You can do the disconnect, and then over time, change out a few other things, and you'll have the best of both worlds. A 3000 mile trip, 2 up, think about the storage convenience, the safety factor of the CB if you get in trouble, hiding behind those fairings if the weather goes real bad.

    I get it....the RK is sexier looking, and handles a bit easier. I took the RLAP course on a RK, and when I went to practice some of the maneuvers, they took a little more skill on the Ultra....but that's all it takes...a bit more practice.

    Good luck with your decision.
  10. JJDH

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    maybe u could try a streetglide???:D