Mustang seat on an 09 FLHX

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by H4U30, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I have been eye balling the Regal One Piece Touring Seat from Mustang to put on my 09 FLHX. The only thing that has stopped me (besides the price) is I think it is going to ruin the lines of the Street Glide. I mean it looks so big and thick compared to the stock seat.
    This morning while looking on Mustangs website I saw they have what they call the DayTripper. I really like the looks of it and it looks like it would keep the lines of the Street Glide but for the money is it going to be that much better then the stock seat?
    In July doing a 2 week couple thousand mile ride so thinking of replacing the stock seat. Anyone have any experience with the DayTripper compared to the stock seat and the Regal Touring seat?
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    I never used a Day Tripper, but have had several Mustang seats on different rides. I can recall, before buying my first one, being shocked at the price. As soon as the seat was on the bike, I remeber thinking "this is worth every penny and more". I have the regal on my '99 Ultra. The stock HD seat was OK, but the Mustang has at least doubled my time in the saddle before having to stop and streach. I am going to go out on a limb, here, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with any Mustang seat...
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    That's what keeps me from getting another seat right now. Every time I look at the back of the bike and think about the bigger seat I cringe. I have a Road King with a Corbin dual tour seat on it. It's a great seat but I don't want the bulk on the Streetglide!

    I feel your pain:17:
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    Depends on what kind of riding your going to do. I have both the big mustang seats on my 04RK & 96 Heritage. I wouldn't own another seat. Of course I ride between 12,000 to 16,000 miles in a season.
    I your worried about the looks and you stay around town, get the smaller seat. I'm not worried about the lines and what someone else says, I'm just wooried about comfortable my wife and I am.
    Don't worry about the stiffness of a Mustang seat, thats how there made. Also, anyone I influenced to by a Mustang seat has absolutely no regrets.:)
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    I have a 2009 Street Glide with the Day Tripper. Just finished a 2K mile run through the Blue Ridge Pkwy and this seat was horrible.

    If you are planning more than a day ride, do yourself a favor and purchase a touring seat. This thing is a nad & tail buster on long trips.

    I'm contemplating the Mustang Sport Tour or the Regal.
  6. H4U30

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    Ok I went with the Mustang Vintage solo with the removable 13.5" rear seat. I thought the solo seat was fine but I didn't notice a huge difference. The girlfriend on the other hand HATED the rear seat. We tried giving it time to break in but she still hated it and kept asking for me to put the factory seat back on because its so much more comfortable. I did (which made her much happier) and I was very pleased when I contacted Mustang (which really wasn't Mustang but that another story) that they allowed me to exchange it for the One-Piece Regal Touring Seat - 2008-2010
    #76036. Now my issue with this seat is I feel it raises me up higher and closer to the controls. Makes me feel like I'm sitting on the gas tank. Will this subside once it breaks in? I'm only planning on using it on long rides but if its going to stay like that I may decide to sell it instead of keeping it. Any experiences with this seat?
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    Short answer... no!

    I sent mine out to get it shaved down made it a little better but didn't really change it. After 9,000 miles it is still the same I feel like I am sitting on the tank really annoying!

    If you can return it do so. If not you can (like i did) pay an additional $100 but it ain't going to do much. This winter I am getting a C&C custom seat, for the cost I should have done this in the beginning. See pics, I have the regal with the studs

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