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  1. mat 60

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    WOW....Im very suprised, with all the talk of dristracted drivers in a cage that aneyone on a bike would want bluetooth...Mabe its just me but Im doing all I need to do to keep from from geting slamed from someone in a cage on thair cell........Mabe I need to take another drivers corce....:coffee... Oh ..No offence to aneyone...:)
  2. IBA Harley

    IBA Harley Active Member

    I hear what you're saying... but, not sure how different it is for those of us on touring bikes. I mean, we already have music blaring... a CB to talk with other bikes and truckers... and an intercom to listen to the "high speed whine" on the rear. :)
  3. R_W_B

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    Just this morning coming back from the store (in my truck) I had a young girl (from oncoming traffic) start to slowly slip onto my side of the road. Only difference from other times I've had this happen is she KEPT COMING and I actually had to go off the road some.

    She finally turned back to her side after I was really getting freaked. As we passed I looked at her and she just kinda acted like oh well. I could not see if she was texting or not. But the way some of these people drive is crazy.
  4. gasbag

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    I agree. When I am riding the only thing I am hooked up to is the road. No phone, no CB, no radio, anything that is a distraction from riding. I need to keep my mind on the ride and the sound of my bike is my music.
    I took a riders safety course also and they reinforced that fact. Just pay attention to your ride. The sounds, sights and smells are enough entertainment for me, which of course is why I ride.
    Distractions make cage drivers dangerous. We are not an exception to that rule and we squish much easier.:(
  5. ProF

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    I totally agree with the distraction issue. A couple of years ago, I bought a gps/handlebar mount setup from a guy on this forum, and I finally had to quit turning it on. I found my eyes constantly drawn to it, and not to the real road, where they belonged.
    Not the fault of the gps, but I had a couple of close calls because I was looking at it. It's on now only when/if there's something specific I need to know.
  6. oldhippie

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    Haven't used my CB yet and no rush to. The radio's nice when on a long ride on a monotonous road. And luckily my wife is not an excessive talker (usually she's asleep:D).

    I am considering the handle bar mounted GPS but you make an excellent point about it's distractive qualities. I think I'll just stick with the old school map gazing at stops or just give my wife the GPS to hold onto and direct me. Works fine for me in the car that way as well. Have enough to be concerned with seeing without having the extra shiny screen to catch my eye.
  7. Bodeen

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    Thats why I chose a RK. None of the electrical "extras" to work on and no distractions either. Nice and simple.


    GARVIN Active Member

    I rarely drive or ride with radio on - I like my peace & quiet - gps is left with wife & only use it to find gas or lodging . the intercom is nice when touring because so many road signs are funny. the navigator can also give me directions with out having to turn my head to hear her.
  9. maine-e-axe

    maine-e-axe Junior Member

    No GPS! Getting lost is half the fun, unless your in the city, then I study the map.
  10. JackDupp

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    I really don't see a problem carrying a cell phone, bluetooth
    or not. When mine vibrates I find a place to stop or wait until
    I do to return the call. The phone is your friend when used properly.