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  1. RoadKing600

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    I have a 2009 RoadKing with Kerker slip on mufflers and the bike was downloaded for that muffler. Can I remove the center baffle which is only tack welded without doing another download?
  2. glider

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    I wouldn't remove anything. You need backpressure to run properly. By removing the back pressure it will not run as well in the lower RPM's. If you remove the baffle it will also be more like a drag pipe which is self defeating.

    I hope it wasn't a dealer download for that muffler to the stock ECM.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    You probably would not like the sound plus it would pop on decel and may be spit some fire from no back pressure
  4. dbmg

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    You have nothing to gain but a headache. If no damage removing, the noise would be deafening and then how would you reattach baffle to pipe?????
  5. FLST

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    I have been seeking an opinion about the opposite of this, but can't seem to find a direct answer. Perhaps I am not using the correct search terms. I want to put baffles back into my Softtail. Bought with long shots with baffles removed. When I install baffles will I need a remap. Apologies if this is the improper place for this question.
  6. glider

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    It depends on how the map was set up originally. More than likely if it was set up for free flow with the long shots, it will be a bit rich with baffles installed. Possibility it was mapped with the baffles originally in the pipes and if you could contact the previous owner, they may be able to give you this info and save you some time.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    This ALSO includes the Primary QUESTION asked IN thread post # 1

    Every time I hear Re-map it makes me and my Wallet Cringe....

    If HD remap is what you are talking about, SAVE your money....

    Many if not Majority here Are using a fueler of some type and I recommend TFI/Gen3 by Dobecks Performance... Members here get a discount....

    HD down-load does Very Little to Improve any TOO LEAN of a condition... Mainly you get a WOT bursts of fuel and MORE RPM set up in the Redline of the motor...

    HD is CONSTRUCTED by the EPA so WHY go Back there....????

    The new bikes are LEAN off the show-room floor,,,, Yes they ALL ARE...

    These motors have such a long stroke 4 3/8" and by adding the down-load offered by HD $$$$$,,, getting More RPM and fuel at WOT, I don't think so,,, NOT in my engine..
    I went with a TFI and very happy with the results as MANY are.

    5250 RPM of the old days is STILL too much RPM for MY motor (IMHO) and continually there or ABOVE will wear and destroy a perfectly good motor early on..

    Seldom does my motor NEED to see anything above 4500 RPM...

    Don't get me Wrong, I have had TC motors BUILT and I have run at 7000 RPM in the 4" stroke style, and YES,I did pay $$$ to get it that way...

    I would run the TC in my 2000 FXDS Up to that limit but I did pay $$$$ for the KNOCK in Return,,,,,, a New Crank Early on...

    There is some of MY thought on this matter.

  8. Grillfish

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    I'm wondering what map was used by an HD dealer that would have noted it was specifically for a Kerker slipon? I'm scrolling through the maps in my SEPST and it shows all HD parts and or generic "race exhaust" (which would mean aftermarket slip on).

    Could it have been just a stage 1 download or was it dyno-tuned? Or is there some other tuner on the bike that have more specific aftermarket parts, like TTS?
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    Thank you glider and bubbie. Think I'll just install the baffles and see how it runs. Want a TFI but can't spring for it right now. Maybe I'll sell my lawn mower. :newsmile100:
  10. glider

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    You didn't tell us what you were referring to when you mentioned a map. Was it a tuner or a dealer download because the dealer downloads are calibrated for their parts and not after market parts like you have. You mentioned a TFI so I assume that it was a dealer download.