MP3/Radio Troubles

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by aka-klein, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I have a HD MP3 player mounted on my handlebars that plugs into the radio via the accesory jack. Worked awesome until recently when I had the bike in for service -- they had to replace the inner fairing brackets near the speakers (not sure that had anything to do with it but it's only thing I can think of) -- now the MP3 just plays loud engine noise when I attempt to listen to it. I took the outer fairing off and checked all my connections thinking I had a bad ground. What I found is that if I unplug the MP3 jack from the radio IT POWERS OFF THE RADIO. The radio will not work (no power) when the MP3 player is unplugged. Going on a 2,000 mile ironbutt ride in two weeks and NEED TUNES. Any help??
  2. Bud White

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    sounds like they grounding something out
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    I'd head straight back to the dealer and explain exactly what happened. It sure sounds like they boogered something up. Are you running the stock HD stereo or an aftermarket system?
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    I cant run it back to the dealer where the work was done - I mean I could but it's 2000 miles across country. I loaded it in the u-haul right when I picked it up and left that morning for my move across country. Didnt realize the problem until a week later and now 9 months later finally have had time to tear into it........

    Probably going to take it to local dealer and have to pay to have them diagnose it it I can't figure it out in the next week. It seems to me it is grounding out on something causing it to work like this but I can't figure it out. I have retraced all wiring and find nothing.....

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    Logic would say that since you hear some sound, input is not grounded (would be silent), but an open connection picking up power line buzz/hum. Check if MP3 jack and your MP3 player cable for continuity (feed it into a different preamp. The jack has a contact that "isolates" (opens) the radio ckt from the preamp and puts your MP3 accessory jack in series to the preamp input instead.

    Do you have a wiring (schematic) diagram of the radio/MP3 jack preamp wiring or a means to CAREFULLY remove the front escutcheon and inspect the jack for broken wire or "sprung" contact? JMHO
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    Could it be that the negative wiring to the radio has come loose and it is now getting the negative through the mp3 player. It would explain the turning off as soon as you disconnect the two and I would imagine that it does not do a lot of good to the sound quality either.