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    I brought my bike to the dealer for a rear tire and was told to think about changing the front motor mount because I had over 20,000 miles on the bike. It's a 2008 RK is that about the time they need to be changed. The bike doe's not seem to have any more vibration then normal.
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    It shouldnt need to be changed at 20K. I got close to 50K on my 06 Ultra. My frount mount needs to be changed. I got vibrations. If you do decided to change the mount, get one of these. Glide Pro I'm putten this on mine and I got a buddy that put it on his 04 Ultra.
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    The stock HD mount works just fine on the 08 models IMO. You DO NOT have to change the motor mount in your bike if everything looks and feels fine. I bought into the baloney you hear about the motor mounts and it may be true on the older bikes but not on the 08 models, I had over 40K on my bike when I changed the motor mount and the original mount looked just like it was new. It was just a big waste of time and money for me.
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    Not sure why they would say that. The parts blowup does not reveal any stretching design. Your motor mounts are much different than the Dyna mounts that tend to stretch out prematurely. If you bike rides fine I wouldn't worry about it.

    Actually this link given by Glider (provided by TQuentin) shows what you could inspect yourself since they are in a position to be seen fairly easily. It appears that some with age actually deteriorate and collaspe. Don't know how old the ones pictured in this link are, but the rubber is in pretty bad shape. I've never seen this type of deterioration on a Dyna mount, with them it's more deformed and stretched.

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    I have about 57K on my 06 RG and have probably had a bad front mount for months or maybe more, didn't know until my uncle came to visit and took my RG out for a ride and came back and asked if I realized there was a bad low end vibration. I didn't even really feel it until he said something. Checked the front mount and it is falling apart on one side.

    Being on the bike everyday I must have gradually adjusted to the vibration as it built up.

    Getting ready to replace it, and I bet it will feel much smoother.

    Did you ask the dealer what they saw that led them to say it may need to be replaced?