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  1. walleye

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    Tell us about your most memorable scooter ride and why. Mine was the first real ride with my riding buddies. What I mean by real ride is a ride where we left and stayed on the road. Not just a day ride. We went on a 5 day 2200 mile ride. I remember the feeling of exitement as we all met and left the gas station where we met. Some of us waving goodbye to our significant other. Making sure we had everything, the preporation of our scooters for the road, and the absolute feeling of hitting the road was almost over whelming. After that first time I was hooked. I always go on a ride each year, and still experience that feeling of exitement only those who do it can understand. No doubt that first "real" ride was my most memorable. I love it.:D How about you?
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    My most memorable ride was 10 years ago. My wife and I took off for 10 weeks and coverd 10,000 miles. Rode from So Cal up the coast, then over to Idaho, up into Canada and up to Alaska. Took the ferry back down to Washington and then headed across the northern states to Chicago to visit family, then southwest to Colorado and back to So Cal. Loved every day of the ride, even the bad weather.

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    My closest friend and I took a 2 week ride up the east coast through New England and then across to New York and back home. Mostly 2 lane back roads.
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    My rides are no comparison to any of yours...YET!

    My most memorable ride right now is the 3 days I just spent up in Maggie Valley, NC but that's probably because it's most recent. Twice to Biketoberfest with Maysflyboy was a blast too.

    I totally agree with one point you made. There's a different feeling when you start up that bike and you actually have a destination, as opposed to just riding around for several hours or a day. Brings out a bit of the "Wild Hogs" or "Easy Rider" in each of us.
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    The wife and I decided to take a ride one day last season. She wanted to go two up, it's been awhile so why not. Decided to go to Kirksville for lunch about 140 miles one way through the winding rolling hills of the Missouri farm lands. We were about 80 miles into our ride when I see something in the road. I move a bit to the right to avoid it, but the side wall of my front tire just barley rolled over it. It was a damn king snake in the road, the tire caught it and flipped it up and it got hung up on my left leg just below my knee, it's head flapping behind me. Damn thing latched onto my wifes boot just above the ankle. All of a sudden she's pounding the top of my helmet yelling snake, snake, all awhile kicking her leg back and forth. I head to the side of the road and before I'm stopped she's off the bike and continuing her kicking to get the snake off. Now I got to tell you, my wife is a 3rd degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do, she has been for a long while, she is fearless. I've seen her in the ring and a couple times out of it, I have never seen anyone able to stand up to her round house 540. It's a thing of beauty. But that damn snake hung in there, flipping like a bull whip at the end of her kicks. I wasn't about to get anywhere close to that, the snake or her foot. Then I hear tires screeching and a woop, woop, I looked up to see a MO. State Trooper pulled over and heading our way, yelling stop, stop, well I guess she heard him too because she stopped and just stood there looking kind of pale. The snake let go and slithered off into the weeds. The Trooper demanded to know what was going on, he was sure we were in the middle of a domestic altercation. We told him what happened, but with no snake to back it up. I guess it did look kind of funny, her kicking like crazy, me standing just out of reach with my hands up yelling, baby stop, stop kicking, stop. The trooper never saw the snake, just all the commotion. When we were finished telling him our story, he just stood there looking at us (still in all our riding gear) like we were on drugs. About that time here comes the snake out of the weeds right toward the disbelieving trooper. He started dancing like a little girl learning to tap. My wife saying you see, I told you, you SOB, me, well, I'm just standing there laughing at the whole thing. I was sure Barney was going for the bullet in his pocket. The snake headed on across the road, the trooper headed back to his car shaking his head, me, well, now I'm doubled over I'm laughing so hard, all I could do is point at the ground and mimic the troopers little dance. I could swear that trooper gave me the finger when he went by, that made me laugh even more. My sides still hurt. Oh, we did finally make it for lunch and it was great. Best damn lunch ride we've had in a long, long time. Watch out for ole sneeky snake folks, he's still out there. Somewhere....

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    According to Wikipedia "Kingsnakes are supposed to be generally docile, curious and gentle". I guess he didn't appreciate being run over and hauled down the road.

    Xlcruser I've had memorable rides these past 40+ years but nothing quite as interesting as the one you describe. Glad you both came away with just a good story - Bob
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    I don't have a "most" right now (probably cuz I'm still chuckling about xlcruisers story). I have taken a couple of week + rides with no destination that were great. Each day settles you a bit more into the rhythm of the road. Less expectation of how are we doing for time or distance, more on enjoying the experience. Just wandering around (not blindly). I have gotten the most amazing looks and reactions from people in gas stations, restaurants, motels when they ask where you headed, and I reply "don't know, don't care. Got any ideas"? I think I need to do one of them again. :)
  8. Troy1225

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    My most memorable ride was a ten day trip we took with three other couples thru Colorado. We superslabbed to Denver. Then we took all back roads from Denver to Durango then back up to Estes Park, staying in a different town each night. I had never seen the Rockies before and seeing them for the first time from a motorcycle was breathtaking.

    We left Colorado and rode north to Sturgis, SD. We got there one week before the rally...reasonable room rates, light traffic and a lot of vendors already set up. We spent two days riding around the Black Hills before heading home.

    We only had to don rain gear twice during the entire trip. Great trip with good friends and awesome scenery. Look forward to doing it again :)

    Best of all.....NO SNAKES...LOL
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Sturgis and back always got me excited, seeing all the bikes from all over on the road made me feel great
  10. Porter

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    Nothing with a tremendous amount of miles, but last Fall my I had my dad ride with me from MD to NC for work. He road on the back of my ultra. It was like I was a kid again and we were going off on some adventure on our bicycles. It was below freezing when we left MD, over 80F in NC and when we came home later in the week, we had to "creep along" as the remnants of a hurricane were hitting the entire path home. It was a little risky coming home in that type of weather, but my dad was always a little risky in some things. Common sense said to stay in the hotel for a few more days, but since we made it home safe: it was an exciting adventure. (It also really gave be some experience in riding in heavy rain and high wind, tested my ultra and my rain gear...all valuable knowledge)

    My dad is still in great health, but tomorrow is an unknown. I don't see him that much now and I am SO glad that we did it. I have experinced some great sights renting bikes across the country, but so far, this is the best ride I have ever done.

    If there is something you want to do, do it now! Stop procrastinating!