Morning Rides

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by R_W_B, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. R_W_B

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    Aren't morning rides (you know when the roads are dry but the sun ain't got hot yet) the most enjoyable things. I got out this morning and rode into town to the local Harley Shop. They had a swap meet there. All kinds of goodies to look at (even when you ain't got no spare money). Saw a FABULOUS XL size 3/4 helmet there in FANTASTIC condition and extremely lightweight. Could not tell what brand it was, just had a big DOT on the back. Had like a CL or CR on the inner side? Had a removable liner and flip down face shield with a $60 tag on it. This was a beautiful helmet, prolly could have bought it for $50. I didn't buy it since I have two new ones already, but I just could not get over how good it looked, flawless condition.

    Talked to a few folks, smelled the boiled peanuts and just rode home (the long way). No gloves, no helmet (rare for me) just a sleeveless Tee shirt and a baseball cap turned backwards to hold my glasses on. (Alway wear long jeans and boots though). Yep I'll admit it's kinda foolish to ride like that. But at my age it ain't so much about trying to avoid injury or dying, since that'll come along in due time anyhow. It's more about living every now and again. That's all, I'll shut up now.
  2. bigbubba402

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    RWB,yes the mornings are grand just wish the deer would stay off the roads,Had a biker hit a deer last night bout 8:30 deer dead, bike unridable, biker a few scratchs but other wise good
  3. Davidw2415

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    Mornings are quite nice, but my favorite time to ride is from about 9 to 11 at night.
  4. mat 60

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    Sir RWB ..I think morning or starting out early is the best for all your reasons and one more...I also feel in much more alert and refreshed in the morning...:)
  5. lorne

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    you got that right RWB when i lived in Vernon B.C. it was always a morning ride. would take off from Vernon then head up hwy 6 through Limby and Cherry Ville or sometimes over to Mabel Lake. leave around 6am and turn back once it started to get hot. as you can guess by the names of the towns there wasn't much traffic if any. i do miss those mornings.
  6. cromwell

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    For me the best time is ANY TIME. :D
  7. Jack Klarich

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    This is how I wake up, on the way to work every day It just doesn't get any better than this:s
  8. 173ABN

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    This was a great morning, rode about 100 mile then 2 miles from home rain and I mean rain 2" in a half hour stuck along the side of the road got wet in places I did'nt even know I had. Gotta love Florida this time of the year.
  9. R_W_B

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    Jack do you carry rain gear? A guy at the end of my street rides a Suzuki SuperSport to work over at McDill Air Base (in Tampa) every day. He has the overall suit that he just puts on right out of the gate whether it's raining or not. It must be cool otherwise don't know how he stands it.

    Rain freezes me if it catches me before I can stop and put on my Home Depot $10 rain jacket. These thunder storms seem to bring a down blast of cool air on you when you are already soaked.
  10. bcortani

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    I am torn between the early morning, sun just above the horizon, dew glistening on the blades of grass, lil birds singing till they die of shock from the start of my bike, or the warming to cool sun just setting so sky is torn between red and dark blue with hints of scarlet, definitly one of these two. Riding in the heat is great for a short 'round town play ride, but for travel, gotta love the top two.:bigsmiley11: